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Carson High's Luschar sisters blaze path to play for Pac-12 power Oregon

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Kailee and Kedre Luschar will play for Oregon next season. (NSN)

They might not agree on who is faster, but Carson High softball stars Kedre and Kailee Luschar can at least agree on where they're going to play their college ball.

“We just raced the other day and I was (faster),” Kedre said.

“I was in tennis shoes,” Kailee fired back.

“And I gave her my cleats,” Kedre rebuts.

So what does dad say?

“He says I’m faster out of the box and she’s faster stealing,” Kailee said.

The Luschars are two of the most accomplished high school softball players to come out of Northern Nevada, and they'll get the chance to play together in college. Kailee, the state's 2020 Gatorade Player of the Year, spent her first season out of high school at Arizona State but has since transferred to Oregon. Kedre, a senior for the Senators ranked the No. 28 national prospect in her recruiting class, has signed with the Ducks and will join the team next season.

“I think it’ll be fun because we’ve always played together,” Kedre said. “It was weird not playing with her when she left. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my buddy,’ but I think it’ll be fun.”

The last time the duo shared the field was in 2019, where the sisters lead Carson to a 23-9 record. Senators head coach Carlos Mendeguia said being able to coach the sisters has been nothing short of amazing.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to coach girls like that,” Mendeguia said. “They don’t come around very often. They’re both five-tool players, and there’s not much they can’t do on the field. They can play any position on the field. They’ve even pitched before. We mess around sometimes and they’ll get on the mound and the girls are impressed they can pitch the ball. There’s really no position they can’t play. It’s just a pleasure. You don’t see two come together, sisters like that together, and do the things they do. I’ve been here for quite a long time, since ’98. I’ve coached boys, I’ve coached football and they’re two of the better athletes to come through Carson High since I’ve been here.”

Kedre is finishing up her senior year at Carson where she leads the Senators with a .600 batting average, 34 hits, and 12 RBIs in just 11 games this season. In 2019, Kailee finished her career at Carson with a .505 battling average and 88 stolen bases in three seasons. Her first season at Arizona State was shortened due to the pandemic and a torn labrum. After one season with the Sun Devils, Kailee entered the transfer portal.

“It just wasn’t a good environment for me,” Kailee said. “I’m really excited for the new environment for me. It’s going to be perfect.”

The sisters have picked a top school in Oregon, a Pac-12 powerhouse that ranks in the top 15 in the nation this season. The Ducks have been to five of the last ninth Women's College World Series. The Luschars said they never imagined being able to play together for a program of that caliber.

“Personally, I never thought I’d be going there,” Kedre said. “I loved Washington and I was like, ‘Washington I’m going there.’”

But life steered them into a different direction. The pair said their passion stands out on the field as they're very competitive and are willing to push each other and their teammates.

“They’re both very competitive, athletic," Mendeguia said. "Everything becomes so natural for them. With their speed, if you watch them play they make everything look so simple. They slow the game down when they’re running. They look like they’re gliding, and it’s just impressive what they can do out there They’re good teammates. They strive to be the best ones they can be. They’re always going to be the first ones at practice. They’re always going to get better. They’re gonna push their teammates. And they’re a couple of girls you don’t have to worry about outside of school. They’re not gonna get in trouble. They’re high character. And that’s what coaches look for. High character, integrity and hard-working athletes and that’s what they'll bring to the Ducks.”

While they grew up in Northern Nevada, the Luschars said a lot of their softball development took place outside of the staff. They played for travel teams in California, which not only helped them improve their game but also got them additional exposure in front of high-level college coaches.

“I think just playing over the hill in California,” Kedre said. “It definitely gives us more competition to be against and more exposure. I think if we would have stayed here, we wouldn’t be going where we’re going."

Mendeguia agreed playing in California in the offseason benefited the sisters.

“Absolutely,” Mendeguia said. “They both played for the Sorcerer program, for Paulie Gabales. And the Sorcerer program is well known in Northern California travel ball club. And what you get is exposure because you’re playing against top teams. Those travel ball teams are going to PGF (Premier Girls Fastpitch), they’re going to all the big tournaments.”

The pair is thankful for their time getting to play in California and Nevada and said to those looking to pursue the same dreams be persistent because with dedication dreams can come true.

“I think handwork and effort,” Kedre said. “If you’re not giving effort, you’re not gonna get anywhere because it shows on the field.”

The duo is gearing up for their next adventure in Eugene, but said they’re going to miss Northern Nevada.

“Especially the mountains and Tahoe,” Kailee said.

“And just family and friends,” Kedre said.

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