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Murray's Mailbag, TV edition: Will UNLV win a home game before Nevada loses one?

Murray's Mailbag TV edition:Will UNLV win a game at Allegiant or will Nevada lose at home?

In this week's TV edition of Murray's Mailbag presented by Laub and Laub, from Nevada football to the best hair in the league, here's a look at what questions we're answering in this week's segment:

  • As we’re half way through the season, what are the five biggest surprises you’ve observed about the Mountain West?
  • Which one happens first: UNLV winning a game at Allegiant or Nevada losing a game at Mackay?
  • More likely: nvbb finishes in top 25 or nvfb finishes in top 25? Also: worst of the three: milk duds, candy corn, malt balls.
  • Nevada has been good in recent years in the revenue sports (football, Basketball and baseball). However, we’re really bad primarily in the woman’s sports what the issue here

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