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Which Nevada star posted the best marks at the NBA Combine over the years?

Kirk Snyder
Kirk Snyder elevates to block a shot during a game in 2003-04. (John Byrne/Nevada athletics)

The Nevada Wolf Pack has been a regular at the NBA Combine over the last dozen years, sending 10 players to the event since 2004. (Nick Fazekas apparently didn't attend the combine, although I thought he had. Perhaps he just didn't test.) Thanks to the combine's website, we can take a look at the historical testing numbers for the Wolf Pack players who did get the invitation to Chicago.

The number most people like to look at for a true test of pure athleticism is max vertical leap, although I've always found that a shortsighted measure. For example, Jimmer Fredette (32.5 inches) posted a better max vert than Kawhi Leonard (32 inches) during their combine and we saw how that worked out. But here's a look at the max verts for Nevada alums at the combine.

Max verts

1t. Deonte Burton, 39.5 inches

1t. Cameron Oliver, 39.5

3. Armon Johnson, 38.5

4. Luke Babbitt, 37.5

5t. Caleb Martin, 36.5

5t. Cody Martin, 36.5 (also jumped 35.5 in his second combine)

6. Kirk Snyder, 35.0

7. Ramon Sessions, 33.5

8. JaVale McGee, 32.5

10. Marcelus Kemp, 30.0

It's a bit of a surprise Babbitt ranked so high as his "athleticism" was a knock coming into the draft (I wonder why). Also, I would have guessed Snyder, lauded for his athleticism, would have ranked higher. Ultimately, these numbers didn't mean much as Burton and Oliver haven't reached the NBA and Johnson washed out after two seasons. Those were the top three here. (I still think Oliver will play in the NBA.) Meanwhile, Sessions and McGee (two of the bottom three) both had 10-plus-year NBA careers and have posted (by far) the best professional runs of any Wolf Pack alum.

Lane agility

1. Caleb Martin, 10.43 seconds

2. Cody Martin, 10.44 (also 10.46)

3. Kirk Snyder, 10.79

4. Luke Babbitt, 10.98

5. Armon Johnson, 11.25

6. Deonte Burton, 11.28

7. Ramon Sessions, 11.65

8. Marcelus Kemp, 11.79

9. Cameron Oliver, 12.17

10. JaVale McGee, 12.75

Caleb Martin placed second in his combine (2018) in this category. Cody Martin also placed second in his combine (2019) in this category.

Three-quarter sprint

1. Cody Martin, 3.09 seconds (also 3.26)

2. Kirk Snyder, 3.13

3. Cameron Oliver, 3.16

4. Armon Johnson, 3.19

5. JaVale McGee, 3.25

6. Caleb Martin, 3.26

7. Ramon Sessions, 3.27

8. Deonte Burton, 3.28

9. Marcelus Kemp, 3.39

10. Luke Babbitt, 3.40

Cody Martin placed sixth in his combine (2018) in this category.

Bench press (185 pounds)

1. Kirk Snyder, 19

2. Armon Johnson, 18

3. Luke Babbitt, 15

4. Marcelus Kemp, 9

5. Ramon Sessions, 8

6. JaVale McGee, 7

7. Caleb Martin, 6

8. Cameron Oliver, 5

9. Cody Martin, 4

Bench press numbers weren't reported during Deonte Burton's combine, so he's not listed. Snyder ranked fourth in his combine (2004) in this category. Johnson ranked sixth in his combine (2010) and Babbitt 10th (2010).

Shuttle run

1. Caleb Martin, 2.75

2. Cody Martin, 2.99 (also 3.05)

3. Deonte Burton, 3.08

4. Cameron Oliver, 3.31

They didn't start doing the shuttle until 2013. Caleb Martin was first in his combine (2018) in this category and Cody Martin was seventh.

If you average the rank in each of these categories (minus the shuttle run since most players didn't do it), Nevada's "most athletic" players at the combine are as follows:

'Most athletic'

1. Kirk Snyder

2. Armon Johnson

3. Cody Martin (he did get two cracks at each event, which probably elevated him one spot)

4. Caleb Martin

5. Deonte Burton

6. Luke Babbitt

7. Cameron Oliver

8. Ramon Sessions

9. JaVale McGee

10. Marcelus Kemp

I don't think these tests mean a ton given how some of these players turned out, but I figured it was worth passing along. You can get combine results from all years here.

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