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Where does Nevada rank academically among Mountain West schools?

UNR campus
The University of Nevada ranks eighth out of 12 Mountain West schools in the 2022 academic rankings. (KRNV file)

U.S. News & World Report published its annual Best Colleges rankings this week, and there wasn't much movement among Mountain West schools. The only movement up or down was Wyoming leaping Fresno State for fifth place among national universities. Fresno State has fallen two spots among MW schools over the last two years. The average rank of the MW's Tier I schools was 198.6, a shade worse than last year's average of 196.7.

Nevada was stable, ranking as the 227th-best national university in the country for the second straight year. San Diego State held the top position for the third straight year, although this year it was joined by Colorado State in a tie for the top spot. UNLV had the largest increase (up nine spots) and Fresno State the biggest decrease (down 17 spots). Here is where each of the 12 Mountain West schools were slotted in the U.S. News World Report's 2022 rankings (Princeton was No. 1 overall).

Ranked as a national university

No. 148-tie: San Diego State (143 last year and 140 the year prior)

No. 148-tie: Colorado State (153 last year and 166 the year prior)

No. 162: Hawaii (170 last year and 166 the year prior)

No. 196-tie: New Mexico (187 last year and 218 the year prior)

No. 196-tie: Wyoming (196 last year and 228 the year before)

No. 213: Fresno State (196 last year and 211 the year prior)

No. 227-tie: Nevada (227 last year and 240 the year prior)

No. 249-tie: Utah State (241 last year and 254 the year prior)

No. 249-tie: UNLV (258 last year and a Tier II school the year prior)

Ranked, but ranking not published

(These schools are Tier II nationally, between the above group and the below group)

* Boise State

Ranked as regional school (West)

No. 22: San Jose State (22 last year and 23 the year prior)

Ranked as national liberal arts school

No. 22-tie: Air Force (28 last year and 39 the year prior)

In short, San Diego State and Colorado State are tied for the Mountain West's best academic school among national universities (Air Force would be first, although it fits in a different category), San Jose State is ranked the worst and Nevada is lower than middle of the pack, placing seventh out of the 11 schools (eight out of 12 if we include Air Force). In the last six rankings, Nevada has been placed No. 187 nationally in 2016, No. 197 in 2017, No. 202 in 2018, No. 201 in 2019, No. 240 in 2020 and No. 227 the last two years. Nevada was rated 112th among public schools in 2022, up one spot from last year.

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