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Takeout Tuesday: Virginia City's Firehouse Creamery more than a scoop of ice cream

Firehouse Creamery
Firehouse Creamery is a hidden gem in Virginia City. (Bryan Samudio/Nevada Sports Net)

Virginia City is a one-of-a-kind place. You can find yourself swept back in time while walking along the wooden planks in front of the shops, bars and restaurants along the main drag. The characters in costume are friendly as usual and obviously take pride in their authentic portrayal of historical figures. After a while of taking in the sights in the crisp air, it was time to find some grub.

In the times of COVID-19, I find myself avoiding dining indoors (or out at all for that matter; I’m more of a pick it up and take it home guy), so I was looking for a place to chow down that had outdoor seating up on the Comstock. That’s when I stumbled upon Firehouse Creamery.

Located at 145 North C Street (that’s the main route through VC), Firehouse Creamery is more than just a scoop of ice cream. The handwritten menu ranges from melt sandwiches to corn dogs and grilled cheese. I went with the “everything melt,” which was your choice of cheese melted over sliced ham and turkey, with lettuce, tomato and bacon. The sandwich was huge and delicious. The ham and turkey weren’t cold cuts. The quality of the meat was something your local butcher would be proud to slice up for you.

Despite the pandemic, many businesses in Virginia City remain open and ready to serve you. One thing that never gets old up there is the views to the east. Be prepared to mask up should you decide to go browsing inside, but it’s definitely worth the short drive up the hill to support some of our neighbors and small businesses.

Nevada Sports Net sports director Bryan Samudio is the dean of sports journalists in Northern Nevada. You can contact him at or follow him on Twitter @BryanSamudio.

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