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Takeout Tuesday: Is Bangkok Cuisine's food getting better during the pandemic?

Fried Wonton
The fried wontons at Bangkok Cuisine Express. (Handout)

That headline is a direct quote from a diner off Yelp.

Well, Steven M. actually said: “I have eaten here a few times since the COVID crisis stopped. Somehow I think the food has gotten better?!”

Steven might be right. I’d been a fan of Bangkok Cuisine’s great variety of Thai food for as long as I can remember. But the last time I picked up takeout from their location in Northwest Reno, the yellow curry and rice was even better than I remember eating in the brick and mortar establishment on Mt. Rose Street in the middle of the city.

The location in the Northwest is officially called Bangkok Cuisine Express, but that doesn’t mean this place cuts corners. A quick glance at the menu online and a polite two-minute phone call later and I found myself rushing to get out of the house to beat the “It’ll be ready in ten minutes” deadline.

If you’re a fan of spicy food or not, BCE can satisfy all tastes. Appetizer was the shrimp rangoon ($7), which went perfectly with their plum sauce and a touch of hot mustard. The little fried pouches were crisp on the outside, soft and savory in the middle and not greasy at all.

As for the appetizer menu, I do want to sample their Thai stuffed chicken wings and fried calamari (both $8).

My biggest problem with BCE is I can’t get past the chicken yellow curry ($12) as my main course. Every time I decide to choose this as lunch or dinner, I promise myself I’ll order something new but it never happens. The roti (Thai flat bread) that comes with the entrée would be good enough as an appetizer itself to dip in the curry sauce. But old habits die hard. Just be careful how hot you order the entree. They don’t skimp on the spice in the kitchen. Even better, the entrees are big enough for me that I have leftovers for the upcoming week.

When it comes to entrees that I want to sample, the spicy chicken cashew and black pepper and garlic chicken (both just $10) certainly catch my eye. Gluten free and vegetarian options are also available. Just ask for them.

I must mention how much I appreciated BCE’s dedication to keeping their customers safe in this pandemic as well. Masks were seen everywhere, and customers were encouraged to socially distance in the small venue. Hours during the COVID-19 situation vary, so be sure to call ahead.

The next time you’re in Northwest Reno or Midtown or anywhere in the basin and are looking for something different that can be served family style to your quarantine team, maybe think Thai. You’ll thank me when it comes to the leftovers.


Address: 6170 Mae Anne Ave, Reno

Phone: 775-747-9999

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