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Road Trippin': ATV tour of the beautiful terrain outside Grand Teton National Park

Road Trippin': ATV tour of the beautiful terrain just outside Grand Teton National Park

Road Trippin’ presented by Sprads RV continues on the third and final leg of the series. We continue our trip in Jackson Hole, Wyo., just outside Grand Teton National Park. After exploring the area on a wildlife tour, we now head to nearby Shadow Mountain to explore some of the area’s off-roading terrain.

One of the really cool things about the Jackson Hole is the amount of off-road trails you can access within a short drive, and Shadow Mountain is one of the highlights.

“It’s a really awesome spot because it’s just outside of the national park boundary,” Tim Blankenship of Scenic Safaris said. “Literally where we park our trailer to unload the ATVs is about 50 feet from the national park boundary, and while it is illegal to ride in the national park we are pretty much here already in the national forest at Shadow Mountain.”

One of the main draws of Shadow Mountain is it's directly across from the Tetons, making for a dramatic view. Unfortunately of us, we were in town while wildfire smoke from California made its way to Wyoming, which socked the Tetons in smoke. But while we lost some of our views, we didn’t miss on the excitement of riding around on ATVs.

“The terrain here on Shadow Mountain is actually pretty cool because we have a lot of open meadows with flowers but then as we start gaining election there are some rocky climbs, exposed tree roots - there’s a technical aspect to the ride itself.” Blankenship said. “And then we go through several different types of forest: through conifers, mixed forest, aspens, a lot of sage brush, so you get a lot of different versions of what we have to offer out here.

In tears of forested ATV terrain, this was one of the most exciting areas I’ve ever had a chance to ride. And it is just a small snapshot of what the area has to offer as a whole.

“It’s a really unique place not just around the United States but really globally when you think of what we have here,” Blankenship added. “You’ve got Yellowstone to the north of us from Jackson Hole and the town of Jackson. You have Grand Teton right next to town. All of these things are surrounded any other national forests and when you combine all of that you have over 18 million acres of protected land out here - public land - that the American tax payers are paying for so what I say is your paying for it. Come enjoy it.”

We spent a few hours cruising a bunch of the OHV only trails around Shadow Mountain with Tim as our private guide and had an absolute blast. I would highly recommend an ATV tour of the area with Scenic Safaris when you come to Jackson Hole.

Up next on Road Trippin’, we move on to the town of Jackson itself and take you on a scenic float trip on the Snake River.

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