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Q&A with Grant Sherfield on making an impact at Nevada, mountains and Uno

Grant Sherfield
Grant Sherfield played for Wichita State last season and is eligible to play for the Wolf Pack this year. (Wichita State athletics)

While he hasn't donned the Nevada silver and blue yet, Grant Sherfield has already excited the Wolf Pack fan base. The Wichita State transfer, who averaged 8.1 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game last season, was cleared earlier this month by the NCAA to play for Nevada this season, opening the path for him to dive into big minutes immediately. As a 6-foot-3 combo guard, Sherfield will help offset the losses of Lindsey Drew, Jazz Johnson, Jalen Harris and Nisre Zouzoua, a quartet of guards who earned All-Mountain West honors last season.

Because of Sherfield's recent clearance from the NCAA and expected impact at Nevada this season, he has been named Nevada Sports Net's Wolf Pack Athlete of the Month in September, an honor presented in partnership with Champion Chevrolet. You can watch our full interview with Sherfield below or check out the Q&A underneath that.

Q&A with Grant Sherfield

On earning immediate eligibility from the NCAA

Grant Sherfield: "It was a very exciting knowing I'll be able to play the sport that I enjoy very much. I was just very excited, my teammates were very excited and so was the staff. It was a just great moment for our team overall."

On why he picked Nevada (he originally committed to Steve Alford at UCLA)

GS: "Coach Alford is just a great guy. All of the conversations we've had, it's him trying to help me grow as a player and as a man off the court. He does a really good job of pushing me every day, and I'm very grateful for it."

On picking a school without visiting it (Arkansas, SDSU and Baylor were finalists)

GS: "It was very weird because you're really just doing virtual visits. You're just talking to people over the phone. When Coach (Alford) hit me up, I was just like, 'I know, Coach. I've already met him in real life. I know how he is.' I just felt comfortable with him, so it made it an easy choice for me."

On his first impression when he got to Reno

GS: "I've never seen mountains ever in my life, so that was probably the most shocking part for me. I didn't know it was in the desert with all of the sand and stuff. I didn't know any of that. It was just very refreshing."

On whether he's been to Lake Tahoe

GS: "I haven't because of all the quarantine guidelines, so I've never been to Lake Tahoe. I don't even know what it's really like."

On his expected role this season

GS: "We're a very young team, so me stepping in as the point guard, I just have to try and lead the Pack. Be very vocal on and off the court and help guys try and get better."

On what he learned from his season at Wichita State

GS: " I just learned how tough the game can really be. I just learned that college and high school, it's a big jump, especially when you play your first conference games. People are really scouting you, people are game planning for you, so you just have to be ready and learn to watch a lot of film and get better."

On how he'd describe his game to Pack fans

GS: "I'm more of a true point guard. I can pass it, I can score late in the clock and I just really try and run the show on the court."

On the team's chemistry right now

GS: "A great group of guys. Everybody is always positive, everybody is laughing, just being where the world is right now, everybody's super positive about everything. It's just a great group of guys, super young, so everybody is a little goofy, so we have a lot of fun together."

On what Nevada must do to avoid a rebuilding season given its losses

GS: "We just have to continue to work hard in practice and continue to trust everything Coach Alford is telling us and we're going to be very fine this year."

On the worst part of preparing for a season in the COVID era

GS: "Probably when we got to go home for a few days, we had to come back and quarantine and we couldn't leave our room. That was probably the worst part, just having to sit in your room and not being able to touch a basketball. It got us a little sluggish, so that's probably the worst part that I had to endure."

On the best part of the COVID era

GS: "There's a new video game called 'Among Us," and our whole team has been playing it. It's like a 10-player lobby, so we've all been playing it and it's been super fun. That's how we pass time after practice and stuff like that."

On which teammate is best at the game

GS: "Zane (Meeks) would definitely say it's him. But I would say it's either me or Warren (Washington)."

On why Warren Washington picking Miami to win the Finals in four games

GS: "Warren is a die-hard Celtics fan, and he was just so mad the Celtics didn't get to play the Lakers and now that the Lakers are going to win, they're going to tie the Celtics for the most NBA championships."

On what it will feel like to play his first game at Nevada

GS: "It's going to feel amazing. It's going to be the first rush just like my first college basketball game, so I'm just very excited to get out there and have a lot of fun with my teammates."

On what he wants to do with his degree (he's majoring in business)

GS: "I honestly don't know yet, but I wouldn't mind after I get done playing going into coaching on the college level. Just keep that working as much as I can, try and play as much as I can on the highest level and see where everything goes."

On who'd winning a shooting contest between him, Steve Alford, Craig Neal, Zane Meeks

GS: "I'm going to be honest, it's going to be me. Coach Alford would come in second, though. Zane's last."

On being coached by somebody who was a great player himself

GS: "It's crazy because my previous coach didn't really play at that level, so it's refreshing to hear somebody who's played at the highest level and been on the highest level. For him to explain his experience, playing with Michael Jordan, playing against guys like that, it's good to hear that stuff."

On the focus in practice until the season opener

GS: "We just have to continue to learn and continue to go hard. We have a bunch of freshmen who are really, really good, so for them to help us, we just have to continue to learn everything we're supposed to do."

On what he misses most about home

GS: "I just miss hanging out with my parents. I have a very close relationship with them, so I just miss being able to watch movies, play monopoly and Uno and stuff like that. I just miss hanging out with my family."

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