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Postcard from Palo Alto: Road blocks: What are those?

Poolside interview
A poolside interview with Nevada baseball coach TJ Bruce. (NSN)

Buckle up, it’s game day! But first, let’s recap day two.

First up, coffee. Long work days require lots of caffeine.

Today’s task was to track down the team. After making an appearance on NSN Daily to discuss the Wolf Pack’s journey, I shift my focus on how I would like to approach covering Nevada for the day.

After contacting Nevada’s SID, the point of contact for the team, I made my way to Palo Alto to meet the team at its hotel.

After arriving, I head to the front desk to ask where would be an appropriate place to conduct a quick interview. With two interviews in mind, I’m sure to let the staff know it’ll take no longer than 20 minutes.

Due to health and safety protocols, places are more reluctant to let guests anywhere. Well, without paying a fee. I know you’re probably thinking, "Wait what?" My thoughts precisely. I was offered if I would like to use a conference room, however it would cost me.

Of course I said, "Yes, anything for a clean shot!" Absolutely not. Reporters take note. There’s always another way! And sure enough there was.

With a limited time frame to get interviews done and being sensitive to the players' and coaches' time, I made do with my surroundings. Which meant, poolside! Not ideal lighting for one to conduct an interview, but sometimes you have to make do. If you peep the interview with coach TJ Bruce below, you can see his son having a blast in the pool behind him. As Bruce would say, "living his best life."

Next up, road block No. 2.

I head to Sunken Diamond to get a glimpse of the new digs for Nevada over the weekend in hopes of getting B-roll back to our news department to show where the Wolf Pack will be playing. Well, not so fast.

The NCAA stated no media would be able to watch the team practice prior to the tournament. Which made myself and colleague Chris Murray chuckle. What could we possibly record that would be put out that would put another team at a disadvantage? Funny when thinking about it.

But I wasn’t going to let another "No" stand in the way. So once again, I made do with my surroundings and got footage from the outside.

While finishing up my day of work in Palo Alto, I thought, "Wow, this is 21 years in the making. TWENTY ONE YEARS!"

Today, whatever the outcome may be , just remember, you’re witnessing history. Nevada history!

Kirsten Moran is a reporter and producer for Nevada Sports Net. You can follow her on Twitter at @kirstenlizmoran.

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