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Plant enthusiast and goal scorer: Q&A with Nevada soccer's Trinity Sandridge

Trinity Sandridge
Trinity Sandridge has two goals and an assist in her first three college games. (David Calvert/Nevada athletics)

The start to Trinity Sandridge's college career couldn't have gone much better. The true freshman from Tracy, Calif., scored two goals and picked up an assist in her first three games in silver and blue. Her first college goal was a game-winner in a 2-1 victory over UTEP last Thursday. He assisted on the team's first score in that win. Sandridge followed that with a goal in the team's contest Sunday, a 3-2 loss to New Mexico State. Sandridge's two goals and five points would have tied for the team lead at Nevada last season, a 10-game campaign held in the spring due to COVID-19. As a result of Sandridge's early success, she is Nevada Sports Net's Wolf Pack Athlete of the Month for August, an honor presented in partnership with Champion Chevrolet.

You can watch our full interview with Sandridge below, or check out our Q&A underneath that.

Q&A with Trinity Sandridge

Nevada Sports Net: You come into your first weekend of college soccer and score two goals and have an assist. Could you ever picture that being your first weekend of college soccer?

Trinity Sandridge: "I actually came in and wanted to showcase who I am as a player. I definitely wanted and set high expectations for myself. I did want to come in and score and just set that standard of taking over the field. So I envisioned that a lot actually, and I just wanted to help my team out and get some wins."

NSN: For people who haven't seen you play, how would you describe your style of play and who you are as a player?

TS: "I am a hustler. If I'm not having a very good technical day, I am not going to get outhustled or outworked by the defender I'm going up against. And I try to give that energy to the rest of my team as well. I definitely say I'm very aggressive. I like scoring, attacking, I like going at defenders. And I think that's my hands-down best set of skills."

NSN: You're from Tracy, Calif., not far, about 3 hours away in the Central Valley south of Sacramento. You were telling us that when you were recruited by Nevada, you didn't even know Reno had a college the size of the University of Nevada. So you came out here and were telling us you have quickly fallen in love with the area.

TS: "Yeah, I have. I have to give that out to my teammates. I really didn't know anything. I didn't know anybody. So for them to just take me under their wing and just give me experiences across Reno, taking me out to dinner and taking me out to lunch, showing me Midtown, I love it here."

NSN: What's been your favorite thing about Reno? Obviously the air quality is not usually like this. It'll be better. But what's been your favorite thing about living in the Biggest Little City so far?

TS: "Oh, my team. Absolutely my team. I really don't know where I'd be without them. They've pushed me so much even for just meeting people the last couple of weeks. We're so close knit. We're a family. Those are my sisters, and they take care of me whenever I'm upset. If I don't practice well or have a good touch, it's just, 'Shake it off. You got it.' And they just keep pushing me, and I really appreciate them for that."

NSN: So we always have these bios on Nevada's website. They put different stuff on there. Some people might like different sports, they have certain hobbies. Your hobbies include getting new plants. You've got a green thumb.

TS: "I do, I do. At home, I have like 20 plants. I only have four here. But my roommate's, like, 'Your plants need watering.' I'm, like, 'I watered them this week. They need to be watered once a week actually.' And she's like, 'OK.' I like to talk to them. You have to talk to your plants."

NSN: What plants do you have here in Reno?

TS: "I have succulents."

NSN: OK, only succulents. It's easy enough to water them. Do you name them?

TS: "Yeah."

NSN: What are their names?

TS: "Pete. We have Bob, and then we have Tarin and Luz."

NSN: How do you know if they're a male or a female plant?

TS: "I know one of them is purple, so that's Luz And I also named it after my teammate (Luz Arreaga)."

NSN: What does she think about that?

TS: "She doesn't know, so she'll find out."

NSN: So from plants to the playing field. Your first goal at Nevada was a game-winning goal in a win over UTEP. What was the feeling that you had scoring that goal? You had assisted on the previous goal, but to score that goal and to have the game-winner for your team?

TS: "I was in shock. I was so excited. I honestly didn't think it went in after talking to some of my teammates. They're, like, 'It kind of hit the ground a little bit,' but I was like in complete shock. I wasn't expecting it. I definitely wanted to score that game. It was one of my first times on the field. So I felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders for being able to do that for my team and then just being able to win the first game of the season, it was really exciting."

NSN: You already talked a little bit about like the chemistry of the team from your perspective. What does that feel like, coming in as a true freshman?

TS: "I love it. When I first came in, I was actually kind of nervous. I'm very shy when you first meet me, but as soon as I open up, I'm just like this crazy person. And it was a lot for my teammates. They're, like, 'Hey, how are you doing?' And I was just, like, 'Oh, hi,' and like kept practicing. I didn't really talk that much, but once they, like, forced themselves on me and I was able to just relax and be myself, I fell in love with my teammates. I absolutely love being around them, around each other 24/7, especially my roommates. We became best friends in the span of a couple weeks. And the other freshmen, we're all really, really close. We hang out all the time."

NSN: I'm curious what drew you to Nevada? I don't think I'm breaking any news by saying Nevada women's soccer has struggled over the years. You had an opportunity at Mississippi State, VCU, St. Mary's. What was it about this opportunity with the Wolf Pack and trying to build something from where it's been pretty meager to maybe being a conference champion by the time you leave?

TS: "I would have to say it was my coaches. (Coach Erin Otagaki) and Parrissa (Eyorokon) and Ivan (Zarate) and I saw something in them that I didn't see from any other coach from any college I was looking at. They were dedicated. They wanted to work individually with every player, and they cared about all of us. And it was the aspect of, 'We're going to take you from the player that you are now and we're going to build on it and turn you into the player that you want to be.' And I love that because they had coaches who said, 'You're really good here and really good here, but we're going to change you and make you this.' And it was what I wanted, and it was also what they wanted, that version of me. And it was my coaches here who took me and said, 'We want you to do this for your team, but it's also going to benefit you in the long run.' And so them taking care of me and looking at me and seeing something special in me was what set me into coming to Nevada."

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