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Movies with Maggio: Four perfect summer camp-themed movies

Heavyweights made Ben Maggio's list of top-four summer camp movies. (Handout)

As we enter summer's full swing, this would be the time kids would head off to camp so they can have fun and their parents can get some relief.

For me, summer camp was hit or miss depending on the topic, however the best camp I ever went to was a “French” camp, where we all practiced our dialogue for two weeks and weren’t allowed to speak English most of the time. This was not because of the French. It was because I was one of 15 guys in a group of 300 people, 285 of them being girls. For me, being in high school at the time, this was the best place I could be for a few weeks.

This week’s list is some great summer camp movies from the past. You can watch these movies with the kids as all are family friendly. Personally, No. 2 is my favorite and has one of the best Ben Stiller quotes ever. They even made shirts about it.

4. Addams Family Values

Part two wasn’t supposed to be good, but it really was. It hits on all the stereotypes of summer camp, and, as per usual, the heroes get the last laugh. Lots of good humor and jokes in here, and Christopher Lloyd plays Fester, and you can’t go wrong here. (Note: Lloyd is featured in another movie below.)

3. Camp Nowhere

Every child’s dream camp, where kids rule and there are no adults, except for Christopher Lloyd. The silver lining in this one is the kids learn responsibility and how to behave like adults, even though all they want to do is be kids. Great one to watch with the family. I don’t think there’s a single expletive in the whole movie. (Well, **** that’s impressive!)

2. Heavyweights

I could post lots of clips but you should experience this one, which is definitely a favorite of mine. Ben Stiller plays a crazy fitness camp counselor, and there is a lot of great comedy in this one. On a sidenote, it also has Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks, whose life hasn’t turned out so well.

1. Meatballs

If you haven’t seen it, you have been missing out. Before the Ghostbusters series came out, there was this, and it was Bill Murray’s first big movie. An American classic for sure! Happy movie watching this weekend!

Ben Maggio is a sales manager for Nevada Sports Net and occasionally writes for the website. You contact him at

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