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More than a football player: Reno High's Hayden Parga gives back

Parga's special cleats for Friday Night Rivals

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and one Reno High football player is making it his mission to tackle the disease.

"Three years ago, I went to a quarterback camp in Southern California called, 'QB Summit,'" Reno High quarterback Hayden Parga. "It's run by Jordan Palmer. He did some off-the-field stuff as well, other than just QB drills. "

The NFL quarterback camp benefits the Jessie Rees Foundation where 100 percent of the proceeds help fight childhood cancer with the message, 'Never ever give up,' or NEGU for short.

"That was pretty impactful on my life," Parga said. "It opened my eyes to a lot of things outside of football and just my life in general, and so I wanted to give back and serve in that way, too."

During Reno's game against Damonte Ranch High on Friday, the junior will wear special cleats, and the Huskies are teaming up to support Parga's mission by wearing ribbons on the back of their helmets.

"Very talented young athlete," Reno High head coach Jason Ehlen said. "Just a great kid, great morals, great values. This whole thing with 'NEGU' that he had a chance to talk to our team a couple weeks ago about what he was doing there and how he was trying to raise money and he gave us some background there, I think it says a lot about the kid."

Up until this point Parga has raised $3,000 with the goal of reaching $15,000.

"I just want to encourage my teammates and help them become better football players and men off the field as well, so I can leave a lasting impression on them," Parga said.

You can donate to the cause at

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