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McQueen High's Ashton Hayes off to record-breaking start in senior season

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McQueen's Ashton Hayes - High School Athlete of the Week

Standout senior McQueen running back Ashton Hayes is coming off a career game against Bishop Manogue. The senior ran for 358 yards and four touchdowns on 35 carries, the seventh-highest single-game rushing total in the state's large-class history. Hayes credits his preparation and his teammates for his success thus far.

"I think the camaraderie with my lineman has really helped this year, and the preparedness that we have for the game," Hayes said.

"When the game started we didn't have any intention on him carrying the ball 35 times," McQueen head coach Jim Snelling said. "A couple of guys got banged up and we needed him to carry the ball more and he answered the call. It just speaks toughness for his toughness and durability and the character he has. He made some big runs, there were some other times that the holes weren't there and he still picked up a few yards. He's averaging over 10 yards a carry so he's doing a great job for us."

One year from today the senior is taking his talents to The Cornhusker State as Hayes committed to play for Nebraska. Prior to leaving the Biggest Little City, he hopes to walk away a champion.

"I look forward to going to college and hopefully winning state with my team," Hayes said.

Added Snelling: "He's a model student. We have homecoming going on this week and one of his teachers came up to me today and just talked about how impressed he is with having him in the class and said he's a great athlete and an even better student That obviously, as a coach, makes you proud. Those are the kind of guys you want to coach."

When Hayes isn't at school or practice, he focuses on eating healthy while consuming 4,000 calories a day to help bulk up for college, working a part-time job to pay for the big grocery list.

"I just work on weekends now, so I can focus on football and school during the week and then focus on my money on the weekends," Hayes said. "That paycheck helps during the week, especially if I want a snack here or there."

The three-start prospect credits the McQueen family for being his strong support system.

"They're all like my little brothers," Hayes said. "We've got young guys on the team, we've got older guys and they just hold me accountable. They ask me in the hallways how many touchdowns I'm going to get this week and stuff like that and they'll just hold me to a high standard. And most the time they hold me to a higher standard that I hold myself."

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