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Maggio: The five best ethnic eat restaurants in Reno/Sparks

Simply Thai
Simply Thai is one of the best local restaurants in Northern Nevada, per NSN's Ben Maggio. (Handout)

Since I moved to Reno three years ago, the place has drastically improved in the restaurant department While there aren’t a lot of good Chinese places in town, there are a few hidden gems that deserve recognition. Here’s a list of my five-favorite ethnic eat places in Reno. I try and visit them as often as possible to show support and keep our locally owned restaurants in business. Don’t forget they are offering takeout.

(Note to reader: Places like the Olive Garden and PF Chang’s are not eligible for this list)

5. India Kabab and Curry: This would be ranked higher if I liked Indian food. I don’t like a lot of Indian flavor profiles, but everyone I know who likes Indian food loves this place. Whenever I am taken (or dragged) with them here, I keep my order as simple as possible and I’m still impressed with their patience with me when I order. Chicken and rice for me, but the smells and look of the other foods are fantastic.

4. Thai Chili: I love this place. I keep it simple here, too, and this place has yet to disappoint me. While I try and venture outside my comfort zone, I usually stick with the beef and vegetables with noodles dish. I adore the places where local families seem to be running the day-to-day operations. You know the quality of food will be high.

3. Simply Thai: This place is way out in Spanish Springs, but if you are ever in the area it’s worth the stop. I found this place when we were working a high school football game, and if I didn’t live in South Reno I would eat here weekly. I believe I saw the 80-year old grandmother in the back of the kitchen making the food. Make sure you get the chicken satay as an appetizer. It's high quality.

2. Wrap it Up: Because I live in south Reno, I eat here weekly. It’s run by a very nice man and his family, and they are in there every day cooking up a storm. You can never go wrong with a gyro. They also have tons of other options that are healthy and fill your tummy. Try the chicken wrap if one gyro isn’t enough. By the way, who’s bright idea was it to put lettuce on gyros? Not cool at all! Also if you are ever in Milwaukee, this is the best gyro place outside of Greece and Chicago.

1.Jazmine: I love this place. Here are a few things you can get if you ever stop in. They are currently doing takeout and reservations only to control social-distancing measures. I went there last week for a lunch meeting, and it was fantastic. I was a bit worried about this place when they closed their dining room, but they have since reopened and look to be doing OK. If you don’t get the pot stickers, you are missing out!

Ben Maggio is the Sports Business Development Manager for Nevada Sports Net and occasionally writes for the website. You contact him at

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