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Loneliest Road in America: Sand Mountain & Middlegate Station Monster Burger

Middlegate Station

Welcome to a special edition of Exploring Our Backyard.

We have partnered with our friends over at Travel Nevada to give you a tour along the "Loneliest Road in America" - Highway 50. Over the next eight weeks, we will take you to some of the can't miss stops along this nearly 400 mile stretch of highway across Nevada that stretches from Carson City in the west, to just outside of Great Basin National Park in the east.

One of the most unique geographical landmarks on this route is one that's impossible to miss on the drive - Sand Mountain. Located just outside of Fallon, this six-story-by-two-mile-long sand dune is popular amongst ATV and off-roading enthusiasts. The dunes are originate from the ancient Lake Lahontan, which dried up nearly 9,000 years ago. The area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and is open to the public for off-highway vehicle use.

Heading further along Highway 50 to the east towards Eureka lies the tiny saloon town of Middlegate, which now has a population of 23. At the center of the "town", is iconic roadhouse Middlegate Station. Once a spot on the Pony Express, the building is now a restaurant and bar and home to some of the best burgers in the station of Nevada.

And one reason to frequent this stop is for travelers to try their hand at the Middlegate Monster Burger Challenge. This triple-decker behemoth starts with 1 and 1/3 pounds of beef patties in between a sourdough bun, and complete with all the fixings. By the time its all said and done, the plate contains a whopping four pounds of food.

WATCH the video above for the full feature as Alex Margulies tries to slay the monster!

For more road trip ideas in the state of Nevada, head to and stay tuned for most features on the "Loneliest Road in America!"

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