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Justin Timberlake, Patrick Mahomes II group highlights Friday's ACC tee times

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake watches his tee shot at the 17th tee during the final round of the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe in 2019. (Jonathan Devich/Getty Images)

Friday's tee times for the three-round American Century Championship have been released, and some groups stand out above the rest. Here is a look at some of the highlight groups of the first round, which tees off the first tee at 9:59 a.m. and the 10th tee at 9:54 a.m. Here are all 30 pairings in the 89-player event.

The star group

Justin Timberlake, Patrick Mahomes II, Travis Kelce (11:29 a.m., first tee): You have a 10-time Grammy winner (Timberlake), an NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion (Mahomes) and one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history (Kelce, who also has a Super Bowl ring).

The Curry group

Steph Curry, Dell Curry, Seth Curry (11:11 a.m., first tee): Steph Curry typically plays with Timberlake in the first round, but he's paired with his father, Dell, and brother, Seth, this year. This is the first time three people from the same family have been in one group at the ACC.

The NBA minority owner group

Aaron Rodgers, AJ Hawk, Larry Fitzgerald (11:02 a.m., first tee): Rodgers is a minority owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. Fitzgerald is a minority owner of the Phoenix Suns. Those two teams are facing off in the NBA finals, so one of those NFL stars will get an NBA title ring.

The coolest group

Canelo Alvarez, Michael Peña, Kelly Slater (11:38 a.m., first tee): This one is up for debate, but Slater is the best surfer ever, Alvarez is one of the best boxers ever and Peña was recently in the Tom & Jerry movie. So not all of these guys rank equally on the cool ratings.

The QB nightmare group

Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, DeMarcus Ware (10:17 a.m., first tee): This tournament is known for having a handful of active NFL starting quarterbacks. Those guys wouldn't like this group, which has combined for 346.5 sacks and 79 forced fumbles in their NFL careers.

The hockey group

Mike Modano, Joe Pavelski, TJ Oshie (11:56 a.m., first tee): Hockey players usually make for good golfers given the similarities in the swing path between the two sports. This trio of NHL All-Stars have combined for 1,215 goals in their careers. Pavelski is the best golfer in the group.

The Hall of Fame running backs group

Terrell Davis, Jerome Bettis, Emmitt Smith (10:21 a.m., 10th tee): There are 17 Hall of Famers in the tournament, but only one Friday group has three such players paired together. That's this group, all of whom played the same position (running back). These guys rank first (Smith), eighth (Bettis) and 55th (Davis) in career NFL rushing yards.

The funny man group

Brian Bumgartner, Ray Romano, Kevin Nealon (11:51 a.m., 10th tee): If you want a chuckle, it'd be worth following this group, which includes Kevin from "The Office" (Bumgartner), Raymond from "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Romano) and a former "Saturday Night Live" cast member (Nealon).

The last-place group

Charles Barkley, Rob Riggle, Larry the Caleb Guy (noon, 10th tee): There's a popular pro bet on whether Barkley will finish in the top 70, with a lot of money coming in on "Yes." It's a sucker bet. Either Barkley or Caleb Guy are poised to finish in last place. We'll see who gets the early lead on that in Friday's first round.

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