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How much every Mountain West football coaches makes; Nevada's Jay Norvell last in league

UNLV's Marcus Arroyo, left, makes around $900,000 more than Nevada's Jay Norvell annually. At 0-11, he's still looking for his first win with the Rebels. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Nevada's Jay Norvell has proven to be one of the top bargains in the nation among FBS head coaches.

Norvell's 2021 salary of $619,250 ranks 113th out of 122 FBS head coaches at public universities, per the USA Today database, which was released Thursday. (Salaries for head coaches at eight private universities were not included). Norvell's salary also ranks last among the 11 MW coaches at public schools (Air Force did not release the salary of its coach, Troy Calhoun).

A record eight MW coaches will make at least $1 million this season, including five hitting the $1.5 million mark, although not all of the schools are getting their money's worth. The five highest-paid MW coaches are a combined 12-15 this season; the five lowest-paid MW coaches are a combined 17-10.

Wyoming's Craig Bohl leads the MW list with a $1,594,508 salary, which ranks 73rd in the nation. Colorado State's Steve Addazio is second at $1,550,000. SJSU's Brent Brennan got his second new contract is as many years after last season's MW title run and checks in at $1.5 million, the same mark as Boise State's Andy Avalos and UNLV's Marcus Arroyo, who is 0-11 in his career.

Mountain West football salaries

1. Wyoming's Craig Bohl, $1,594,508 (73rd in the nation)

2. Colorado State's Steve Addazio, $1,550,000 (74th in the nation)

3. San Jose State's Brent Brennan, $1,500,000 (76th in the nation)

4. Boise State's Andy Avalos, $1,500,000 (77th in the nation)

5. UNLV's Marcus Arroyo, $1,500,000 (78th in the nation)

6. Fresno State's Kalen DeBoer, $1,350,000 (79th in the nation)

7. San Diego State's Brady Hoke, $1,050,000 (85th in the nation)

8. Utah State's Blake Anderson, $1,000,000 (86th in the nation)

9. Hawaii's Todd Graham, $800,000 (93rd in the nation)

10. New Mexico's Danny Gonzales, $700,000 (108th in the nation)

11. Nevada's Jay Norvell, $619,250 (113th in the nation)

N/A. Air Force's Troy Calhoun (private school)

Norvell signed a new five-year contract prior to last season that pays him $625,000 annually, although his 2021 salary is slightly below that — $619,250 — as a result of a contract year pandemic reduction (all NSHE employees had to use of six furlough days in the second half of fiscal year 2021). Since Norvell signed that contract, Nevada is 11-3, including a 4-1 mark this season. The only other MW coaches to make less than $1 million this season are Hawaii's Todd Graham and New Mexico's Danny Gonzales, both of whom were hired prior to the 2020 season.

You can see all the FBS head-coaching salaries here.

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