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Faith and music helps give Nevada linebacker Lawson Hall balance

Lawson Hall
Lawson Hall's faith got him into playing and singing music. (NSN)

Before picking up a playbook, Nevada linebacker Lawson Hall spent his days admiring his grandfather, a pastor, who he credits for molding him into the man he’s become. And to channel his past, the two-time Wolf Pack captain listens to gospel music before every game.

"I actually tear up a little bit and it kind of makes me emotional and brings that fire out of me a little bit," Hall said. "Reminds me of my childhood because I was raised in the church and hearing that gospel music makes me go back to that time in my head. Since I’ve been a kid, faith has always been a big part of my life."

Hall credits his grandfather for helping lay the foundation for his life. The sixth-year senior uses many of the lessons he learned from his family on the football field.

"He made sure my faith was solid and that I had a solid foundation to surround my life with," said Hall, who credits Philippians 4:13 as one of his favorite biblical verses ("I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me").

While Hall is known as one of the best linebackers in the Mountain West, earning second-team all-conference honors last season, he is a man of many talents. Through his faith, Hall found his love for singing and playing instruments.

"I was around music since first grade," Hall said. "It’s always been a big passion of mine. It was kind of like playing football in a way. You’ve got these notes that work together to create this sound. That’s what we do. We’re notes that work together to create one sound and ultimately win the football game."

While rap and hip-hop are among his favorite genre's, the Southern California native doesn’t discriminate to any type of music.

"I'll listen to a Miley Cyrus song, to a Chief Keef song or something like that," Hall said. "I go from pop to hard-core rap. We have this thing where we let the linemen get their shot on the auxiliary cord in the locker room sometimes, and they put on whatever they want to listen to. I enjoy it for the most part. A lot of guys don't enjoy it. I enjoy all types of music. So I find the beauty in all of it."

Playing one of the most violent games available, Hall said his faith plays a big part in his success on the field, both in keeping him healthy and in keeping helping him become of the Wolf Pack's top players.

"There’s about a group of ten of us that get together sometimes," Hall said. "We pray a little bit, say a couple things and go out onto the field. I rely on my faith for my health for the most part and just for playing to the best of my ability because God gave me the ability to play this game. I rely on him keeping me healthy and playing to the best of my ability."

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