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Exploring Our Backyard: Checking out Tahoe's only Via Ferrata in Squaw Valley

Exploring Our Backyard: Checking out Tahoe's only Via Ferrata

If you're looking for something new to do outdoors before the cold weather hits, we have the perfect activity for you.

Earlier this summer, former Nevada Sports Net anchor Julian Del Gaudio and I had the chance to check out Tahoe's only Via Ferrata at Squaw Valley with Alpenglow Expeditions. My first question when I heard about this activity was, "what is a Via Ferrata?"

It's a combination of rock climbing and hiking on a fixed climbing route with a steel cable and steel anchors. You don't need any prior rocking climbing experience to climb the Tahoe Via, but Alpenglow Expeditions recommends you should be able to hike continuously for at least an hour, or more, depending on the length of your climbing session.

When we first arrived at Squaw Valley, we were introduced to our tour guide and operations manager, Sam Kieckhefer. He helped us get set up with the proper climbing gear before hopping into the safari truck, or the 'Beast 2.0' as they call it, to head up to the base of the route and begin our trek. It's always neat to me looking at a ski resort in the summertime because it almost looks like a completely different place with no snow on the ground.

After Sam helped secure Julian, myself and Anthony to the steel cable, we were on our way up the mountain and it was an unreal experience. To see the breathtaking view of Squaw Valley from high above while rock climbing and hiking at the same time, was incredible. It was challenging no doubt, but it was 100% worth the views.

We had the chance to ask Sam about the history of Via Ferrata's and bringing it to our area.

"Via Ferrata's were originally built in Europe to move troops through the mountains they've since become recreational activities and we opened our Via Ferrata in October of 2018 and it's been a great way to expose the United States to Via Ferrata's, they're really popular in Europe and they're starting to become popular elsewhere and the US is a great place for them," said Kieckhefer.

To book a reservation on the Tahoe Via Ferrata and learn more click HERE.

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