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Coffee Corner: At Magpie Coffee Roasters, a great people-watching adventure

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Magpie Coffee Roasters

During quarantine, I posted on my Instagram story asking my friends what their favorite coffee spots were in the Biggest Little City. A lot of them replied with amazing and popular places in town, but there was one with a funky name that I'd heard of before. I grabbed my phone and looked it up before seeing it was within walking distance of my house in Midtown. I grabbed my wallet and skipped my way through the new upgraded streets of Midtown to try out the locally owned spot.

I like to consider myself a local now-a-days. Once you hit the five-year mark that's allowed, right? But I'm terrible with directions. And I'm going to blame Momma Holland for that. She gets lost in her own neighborhood that she's lived in for 10 years. Not to throw her under the bus, but there are only three or four streets in that neighborhood. Without Apple Maps, there's no telling where the women of the Holland family would end up, so naturally I whipped out my Australian Apple Maps man to guide me through the streets of Midtown.

Half-a-mile later. Oliver (my Australian guide) said, "Arrived!" I was excited but also confused. The majority of the buildings around me were either closed or no longer being used. I turned around and noticed a cool Irish dive bar called Filthy McNasty's and pondered whether it was too early to mix my coffee with a little Irish Whiskey. It was a work day, so obviously I said 'No' and kept walking. Around the corner on the opposite side of Filthy McNasty's was a cute coffee shop with a logo of a bird sitting on a circle inside a black square. I had reached my destination.

Today's review: Magpie Coffee Roasters

Magpie Coffee Roasters is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. On beautiful blue bird days, they typically open their garage-style windows and allow customers to enjoy their coffee with a view. And by view, I mean looking at the people who roam Midtown, which can be entertaining. It's basically coffee and a show. What more could you ask for?

Friendly note: I know the term 'blue bird' is usually used for cloudless, sunny days typically after a night of snowfall. I am also fully aware we are in the heat of the summer time. So just imagine the term blue bird without the whole 'after snowfall' part and think about the 'beautiful sunny, cloudless days' part.


Magpie Coffee Roasters is located at 1715 S. Wells Ave. right after the roundabout heading towards South Virginia Street. There's not a lot going on in the area Magpie Coffee Roasters resides, so I feel like a lot of people (like myself) pass right by it without realizing what they're missing. The buildings around it are a little run down. On a positive note, that makes the parking situation easier. There's street parking and some spots in the back. I think the spots in the back might be for the people who work there, but, hey, if you see it, grab it. And try not to blame me if you get yelled at for parking there because I'm going to deny deny deny the next time I go in if they bring it up. As Journey once said, "You're on your own." Every time I've gone, I haven't had trouble finding a spot on the street, so I'm sure you will be fine.


If you read my last Coffee Corner on the Purple Bean, you know I love an aesthetic coffee shop. And boy does Magpie Coffee Roasters deliver in this department. It gives off a calm, quiet, working environment vibe. It's a place where you would want to go and study for a test or upcoming interview. They have pretty lights strung across the celling and the wooding throughout the place makes you feel like a hipster even if you're nowhere near it (like myself). Basically, I feel instantly cool walking into this establishment.


If you love the taste of coffee, Magpie Coffee Roasters is for you. They have a pretty simple menu and only a couple syrups to add to your coffee. However, the coffee is strong and very good! I enjoy coming here in the winter and ordering an espresso because after one little shot, I know I'm good to go for the entire day. I got my typical iced coffee with oat milk this morning and am almost too wide awake if that is even a thing (not complaining, just sayin'). I took my friend, Janay, here the last time she was in town, and she loves dirty chais — I'm not really sure what makes them dirty but whatever — and she gives her stamp of approval on those as well. So, all you true members of the coffee community who fell in love with black coffee and enjoy the taste of pure coffee, drive over to Magpie Coffee Roasters and give it a try. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Bang for your buck

Because this place is so cool, I feel like you're almost paying for the experience more than the coffee itself. What do I mean by that? I purchased an ice vanilla coffee with oat milk this morning and it was $6. There is only one size for iced drinks, and it was half the size of last week's $5 medium option from The Purple Bean. Their hot coffee options are similar to other shops around town, and they have more sizing options. There's also the milk alternative to take into consideration, but like I always say, "Coffee is an expensive addiction." Am I still going to continue to walk/skip/jump down the street to purchase an iced coffee from Magpie Coffee Roasters? 100 percent. So if you catch me people-watching through the window one morning, make sure you throw a wave and don't be a stranger.

In two weeks, we are driving out to Sparks to a little place called Lighthouse Coffee that is right on the water at the Sparks Marina. See you then!

Nevada Sports Net creative producer Jenna Holland is a former college softball player and avid traveler. She is also a regular contributor to You can contact her at or follow her on Twitter at @JennaHolland4.

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