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Carrie Ann Sattler revels in making history as Reno Rodeo's first female president

Carrie Ann Sattler
Carrie Ann Sattler will be the Reno Rodeo's first female president in 2024. (NSN)

There have been more than 60 Reno Rodeo Association presidents, and they all have one thing in common – they've all been men. In 2024, that will change when Northern Nevada native Carrie Ann Sattler takes the reins.

Sattler has been coming to the Reno Rodeo since she was a young girl.

“We used to sit in grandstand one, which you know were the 'cheap seats,'" Sattler said. “I was so in love with being in the sun. I just love being in the sun, anyway. So I laugh when people are like, ‘Oh, I want to be in the shaded arena.' That's not my favorite spot. But my mom had bought me some pink cowgirl boots and somebody from the news channel, I was so little and cute, wanted to interview me and I absolutely refused. And now my mom jokes that you can't get the microphone away from me.”

Sattler’s love for the Reno Rodeo and Northern Nevada community grew throughout years. The moment Sattler turned 18, she started volunteering at the rodeo as a wrangler for two years before accepting an invitation to become a member. Sattler has served as the committee's Sponsors Chair for the last seven years along with her full-time job as the Peppermill Reno’s Regional Sales Director. Seventeen years later, Sattler was voted in as the first female president in Reno Rodeo history.

“I think I've always wanted to make the biggest impact I could with the skills I have,” Sattler said. "Over the years, having all the relationships and connections throughout the PRCA and our community at large and just our members and volunteers, I feel like it's a really great opportunity for me to use all those connections and further advancement of the association.”

Sattler said she’s humbled and honored to be in a position to run for President of the Association let alone earn that honor. Sattler will serve as the rodeo’s second Vice President in 2022 and first Vice President in 2023 before taking over as President in 2024.

“To be able to make history that's so meaningful at a time where it's even more meaningful than ever," she said. "It's really inspiring, both to me and to the community at large. It's moving.”

As the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association continues to grow, the Reno Rodeo added women’s breakaway roping to their slate of PRCA events at this year’s shows along with barrel racing, the premier rodeo event for female riders.

“One of my biggest life mantras is that respect solicits respect,” Sattler said. “We're all different. There's things that I haven't done that I'm going to be making decisions about, and there's things that others have done that I haven't done. So it's about knowing that you have a place, and that even with your experiences they might not be as robust as somebody else’s, but respects solicits respect. And you'll get to where you're going.”

While Sattler is breaking barriers in the rodeo community, not only does she want to inspire other women but men as well to go out and do something they are passionate about.

"I want to inspire men and women to do great things and do things that match their heart song," Sattler said. “This definitely matches mine, and I know that there's been many people before me that have sat in this position and wanted to do the same thing. So I'll just do everything I can to make that positive impact the same way that they have.”

When Sattler was named president a few months ago, she received words encouragement from other volunteers and former presidents who previously held the title she will come 2024.

“We always tease that there's something in the water because our volunteers are so dedicated,” Sattler said. “Of course, the past presidents are probably a collective body of the most dedicated people in our association. But all of them have been so loving and supportive and are offering advice and insights and encouraging me to be my best, so I'm eager to see what that brings.”

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