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Road Trippin': Summer thrills at Snow King Mountain in Jackson, Wyoming

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"Treetop Adventure" ropes course at Snow King Mountain Resort (Courtesy: Snow King)

Road Trippin’ presented by Sprads RV wraps up the third and final leg of the series in Jackson, Wyo. What a summer it's been. From the Oregon Coast and Crater Lake in late June, to our adventures in Utah and Arizona in July that included stops at Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park and culminating with this trip that started in Twin Falls, Idaho and wrapped up in Jackson.

On our final day in Wyoming, we paid a visit to Snow King Mountain Resort, which is located in Jackson, less than a mile away from the town square. Opening in 1936, Snow King has long been the local mountain in Jackson and also has the designation for being home to the first ski area in Wyoming. But like many ski resorts across the country, Snow King Mountain is also a destination for a host of activities in the summer.

Arriving mid-day, we had the whole afternoon to explore the mountain offerings and started near the top of the hill with the resorts “Treetop Adventure” ropes course.

“I had gone and seen one in Zermatt, Switzerland and did it and thought, 'Oh, my god, we’ve got to have one in Jackson,’” said Christian Santelices, who manages the treetop area. “It’s got over two miles of obstacles.”

After gearing up, I met up with Santelices, who encouraged me to try out one of the newest attractions at the ropes course: the “Tarzan Swing”.

The task? After climbing up a 30-foot telephone pole on climbing holds, you grab a rope and swing across to a giant cargo net and then climb up the cargo net to the next platform. It looked like a challenge, but I was not going to back down. Fortunately, I was able to pass the test, and it was a thrill!

“We try and make it so it’s an adventure that you can do on your own," Santelices said. "The guide is there just in case."

From there, we moved through several more obstacles on one of the five courses offered at Snow King, this particular one being the second hardest. I did some tight rope walking and other balancing acts and finished my run with a zip-line. I loved the experience and could see how you could spend hours there.

“I think it’s the best one in North America,” Santelices added with a big smile on his face.

From the Treetop Adventure, we made our way over to the Alpine Slide, which is an icon at Snow King.

“The Alpine Slide has been in existence for almost 40 years,” said Human Relations Manager Emilee Ballard, who accompanied me on my visit. “It’s multi-generational. We have grandma and grandpas coming in and saying, ‘I’m bringing my grandkids here to do something that I did when I was a younger child.’”

The slide was simple. You grabbed a little kart and rolled it to the slide itself. In them middle is a lever to control your speed and away you go. After a fun ride to the bottom, it was time to try the newer cousin to the Alpine Slide: the Cowboy Coaster.

“The Cowboy Coaster is a gravity-fed roller coaster,” Ballard said. “You load it at the bottom and ride it all the way to the top and then you are actually in control of the speed and you can go as fast or as slow as you want on the way down.

“You really get the G forces going around those corners."

Both rides were a blast and a fun way to spend the rest of our afternoon in Jackson. There were several other activities available, including a mini-golf course and a maze, but we were short on time and had to start making our way back to Reno.

But it was an awesome way to cap our final trip of the summer! I definitely got some incredible memories on this one, from kayaking on the Snake River and watching people BASE jump off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, to exploring the world’s oldest national park at Yellowstone, to the beautiful terrain of Grand Teton National Park. Another great trip in the books.

Stay tuned this weekend for the premiere of the final 30 minute episode of Road Trippin’ as we recap the full journey to Idaho and Wyoming. You can watch on News 4, Fox 11 and Nevada Sports Net:

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