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NSN Daily: June 24, 2021

062421 NSN DAILY SEG 1 FINAL.jpg
NSN Daily: June 24, 2021

Segment 1 - Nevada Wolf Pack athletics 2020-21 season in review (a year of highs and lows)

Segment 2 - Wolf Pack Athlete of the Month: Nevada golf's Brendan MacDougall

Segment 3 - Winnemucca native Mitch Pollock returns to the Reno Rodeo

Segment 4 - Rail City Ale House Picks: Will Vegas Golden Knights keep series alive in Montreal?

Segment 5 - Wolf Pack athlete of the year: No. 1 Nicola Ader vs. No. 9 Donna dePolo

Segment 6 - Sparks' Mickey Jannis, a knuckleball pitcher, to make his MLB debut at 33

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