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Exploring Our Backyard: Chickadee Ridge

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Exploring Our Backyard: Chickadee Ridge{ }(Brian Kulpa, Nevada Sports Net)

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Today’s feature is a a location near and dear to me. I’ve been lucky to explore this area my entire life, and it’s great in both the winter (snowshoe) and summer (hike). Let's head out to Chickadee Ridge.

When I search for a hike, there are three things I look for:

  • Easy to find/access
  • Good physical activity, but not something extremely difficult
  • A payoff (view, waterfall, etc.)

Chickadee Ridge checks all of these boxes. From Reno, head up Mt. Rose Highway to the Tahoe Meadows, a flat stretch jump past the highway summit. This area is popular the winter (sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoe hiking and cross country skiing) and summer (well carved-out nature trails for hiking and sightseeing). Drive to the end of the meadows and park on either side of the road. You will want to end up on the east side of the highway (the flat side).

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The best part of this hike is you can’t really screw it up. Head into the forested area and head east and south. It will be fairly flat for the first 20 minutes before you hit the ridge, which will slowly slope up to a nice view point. Not long after entering the meadows, you will hear a ton of chirping birds, the vast majority of which are chickadees (hence the name of the hike) as well as some beautiful blue jays.

Once you get to the top and see sweeping view of Lake Tahoe!

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Travel Nevada’s PRO TRAVELING TIP: Feeding the chickadees, is actually illegal. It’s bad health for the wild animals if they become dependent on human food. The good news at Chickadee Ridge is the birds are so used to people they will land on your hand, food or\ not!

If you don't own a pair of snowshoes, Bobo's in Reno is a great place to rent them for your adventure.

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