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35-foot inflatable Archie, faster food lines coming to Greater Nevada Field this season

35-foot-tall inflatable Archie jumphouse
35-foot inflatable Archie, faster food lines coming to Greater Nevada Field this season (Picture courtesy: Reno Aces)

The 11th season of Reno Aces baseball begins Tuesday night at Greater Nevada Field and with it comes about $1 million in ballpark improvements, Aces president Eric Edelstein said.

Fans will be greeted with new TVs on the concourse, a revamped party zone and a new kid zone including a 35-foot tall inflatable Archie bounce house and an inflatable slide.

"(We're) making sure that our 11-year-old facility continues to play and perform and feel like a new stadium, which I think we've done a really good job of doing," Edelstein said.

Edelstein told News 4-Fox 11 that team owner Herb Simon has invested about $5 million in capital improvements in the last five years, allowing the ballpark to adapt to modern trends.

In the offseason, the team purchased new equipment to help the groundskeeping crew change the field from soccer to baseball quicker.

Greater Nevada Field also has a new and faster food payment system, which allows fans to use credit cards at any food or beverage concession stand in the facility.

But the most noticeable change for fans will be the massive Archie bounce house that Edelstein said will be visible right as fans walk enter the park.

"(It will be seen) from anywhere in the stadium. It is landscape changing."

Some of the less noticeable improvements include $250,000 on a new roof and new electrical equipment.

Tuesday's home opener will be broadcast on our Nevada Sports Net, along with every Thursday and Saturday night home game of the 2019 season.


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