The 13 best tweets I saw this week! (Nicolas Cage turns into Where's Waldo?)

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage is totally normal. (Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

Welcome to the weekend. Every Friday, I'll post "The best tweets I saw this week!" There's so much good stuff on the Internet (and so much bad stuff) I will sift through the rubble and pick out the gems and put them here every Friday to send you off to the weekend. Let's get to the tweets.

(Note: If you're not seeing the tweets, it's probably because you're not using Google Chrome. Use Google Chrome.)

Nicolas Cage has played a ton of roles in his career, some good and most bad, but I never thought he'd play "Where's Waldo?" Credit the Cleveland baseball team for hiding an image of the famed actor in more than three dozen of its lineup graphics last season, a ploy the team revealed this week. If you check the image above, you can see Cage's face in the flower tattoo on Mike Clevinger's left wrist. Now that's a national treasure. Good job by Cleveland. Now change your mascot name.

I'll go with Beastie Toys or Dave Matthews' Hand.

I'm all for athletes getting paid, but here's a list of quarterbacks I'd want for the next five years before Dak Prescott.

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Russell Wilson

3. Lamar Jackson

4. Deshaun Watson

5. Carson Wentz

6. Joe Burrow

7. Aaron Rodgers

8. Trevor Lawrence

9. Colin Kaepernick (MAD ONLINE)

10. Dak Prescott

I don't hate Prescott's strategy, though. The best way to get paid in the NFL is to take it year by year and force teams to use the franchise tag on you, ala Kirk Cousins. The risk of injury at quarterback is low given the NFL plays two-hand touch these days.

A bigger Lamar Jackson? Jackson is the reigning NFL MVP. He accounted for 43 touchdowns with just six interceptions last season. Taysom Hill is not a "bigger Lamar Jackson." If he was, he'd be starting for the Saints right now. Hill is 6-of-13 passing (46.2 percent) for 119 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception in his career. He'll play next season at age 30. Fun little player. He's not a quarterback in the league. And it's an affront to Jackson to for him to be compared to Hill.

Somebody needs to find Paul Pierce a wheelchair. Dude's crazy.

John Stockton has jokes!

I hate to ruin the narrative forced by The Last Dance's 10-hour commercial trying to make the MJ-GOAT case, but Jordan played golf with Danny Ainge when Ainge was on the Celtics and Charles Barkley when Barkley was on the Suns during playoffs series with those teams. So, yes, he did fraternize with opponents, aka "jersey swap." Tom Brady jersey swaps with opponents, and he seems pretty great at his job.

Jordan was a jerk who punched his teammate in the head. Plain and simple. That's fine. You can be a jerk and still be successful in athletics. Kobe Bryant was the same way. But you also can win and be competitive and be legendary without being a jerk. Ask Tim Duncan and his five rings or Larry Bird and his three rings. Those players are proof Jordan's "Winning has a price and leadership has a price" quote from The Last Dance is just cover for his jerk-like behavior.

Jordan also was a fake tough guy, punching down against lesser teammates like Kerr, Scott Burrell and Jerry Krause. ESPN's Jackie MacMullan had a great anecdote from Robert Parish about his time in Chicago in a 2012 story when Jordan tried to get chesty with Parish after Parish made a mistake in practice: "I told him, 'I'm not as enamored with you as these other guys. I've got some rings, too.' At that point, he told me, 'I'm going to kick your ass.' I took one step closer and said, 'No, you really aren't.' After that he didn't bother me." Jordan was a supreme talent, but let's not act like he possessed mystical leadership superpowers. He's loved because he won, and that winning did not stem from "tough love." It stemmed from his talent and work ethic.

Did he bring a deflated football into the arena?

Dang. That was quick. Of course, Netflix pioneered streaming, so it was going to take longer to build a global subscriber base, and Disney+ has benefited from people being stuck at home during the pandemic. But 50 million subscribers in five months, and you can count me as one of them, is huge, especially given the lack of new original content. Disney+ is a nice babysitter for parents, though. Turn on Moana and get a free 90 minutes. (I swear I'm a good parent, though.)

"I am going to share with you what has helped me improve my swing as a major league baseball player." Call it a hunch, but the trash cans might have done that. #BangBang

Now he's a documentary I'd watch. Sad little Alex Bregman.

This is great because: (a) Chuck E Cheese's pizza is trash and (b) instead of making up a fake name to sell its pizza, Chuck E Cheese's could just make good pizza. It's not that hard. But Chuck E Cheese does offer the best bang for your buck in terms of arcade money in Northern Nevada (Boomtown is a close second). My favorite arcade game as a kid was Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road. Now? Deal or No Deal. You can get a ton of tickets out of that game. And after spending $40 on coins to get 1,500 tickets, you can get a couple of Now and Laters, a tiny stuffed animal and a Chinese finger trap.

We watched American Idol for the first time in several years, and this guy is amazing. In typical American Idol fashion, the wrong winner was picked. Dibesh Pokharel, known by his stage name Arthur Gunn, came in second to Just Sam, who also is very talented. But Arthur Gunn is a different level. His cover of Bon Iver's "Hey, Ma" was awesome. Take a listen, and enjoy the three-day weekend!

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