Road Trippin': In search of wildlife at Grand Teton National Park

Road Trippin': Wildlife safari at Grand Teton National Park

Road Trippin’ presented by Sprads RV continues on the third and final leg of the series. After spending 24 hours in Yellowstone, we made our way to Grand Teton, which is just 10 miles to the south. If you take a road trip up to the Yellowstone area, you would be making a huge mistake by not including Grand Teton and Jackson, Wyo., into your itinerary. To me, they are just as amazing as Yellowstone.

Within minutes of entering the park on the north end, you are greeted by Jackson Lake and the Teton range, which jagged peaks top out at 13,775 feet. They are the most impressive mountains I've seen in the United States. They are stunning. People say they are the closest thing to the European Alps you will find in the states.

As soon as we made it to Jackson Lake, we pulled over at an overlook, which was an awesome place to park the rig and have some lunch with a view and take a dip in the crystal-clear water. This area of Jackson Lake, with nearby Jenny Lake and many others, is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

After hanging out for a few hours, we made our way to our campsite for the night on U.S. Forest Service land in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. There are dozens of campgrounds in the Grand Teton area that offer a “boondocking” type of experience, meaning no hookups, water, etc. We ended up at a campground called Hatchet Teton View, and after a short ride up a dirt road made our camp for the night overlooking the Tetons. Unfortunately, over the next few hours, smoke from the California wildfires started pouring into the region, which made our view disappear. We felt very fortunate to see it in a mostly smokeless environment for at least a few hours, but the rest of the trip was filled with smoke.

The next day we moved camp back toward Jackson Lake at Colter Bay, which is run by the national park. We were able to book a rare spot in the RV park there with full hookups for one night. Colter Bay has a ton of amenities, including a general store, a marina to rent boats or kayaks, and other facilities. From our campsite, the lake was just a few minutes away.

This is where we started our next adventure with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, who we partnered with on on a sunset wildlife tour of the region. We were picked up from our camp from guide Lee Ramella, who is a long-time resident of the area with many years of experience living in Yellowstone and Jackson.

Lee was full of information in every facet from the history of how the parks were formed to the changes in wildlife and much more. We learned so much about the region from him in our few hours.

We started our wildlife tour heading toward Jackson and to a small town called Moose, Wyo., to look for moose (shocker!). We drove down some small roads and different lookouts, hiked around the area in search of these amazing animals, but we unfortunately came up empty.

Up next, we moved back to the north into a valley and stopped to observe a herd of bison that was in the middle of their mating season or “bison rut."

Our final stop was back toward Colter Bay to look for some bears, which had been spotted that morning. There are several bears that make the area home and can be seen on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards for us. But that’s also the beauty of looking for animals in the wild. There are no guarantees. Just like fishing.

But it was still a fantastic learning experience with Lee and Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris.

Up next on Road Trippin’, we continue near Grand Teton National Park with an ATV tour of nearby Shadow Mountain with Scenic Safaris.

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