Report: Boise State drops lawsuit against MW, will retain $1.8 million bonus

Mountain West
Mountain West

The Mountain West and Boise State have agreed to maintain the status quo.

The San Diego Union-Tribune's Mark Zeigler reported Thursday night the MW Board of Directors have voted to rescind their decision to end Boise State's $1.8 million annual bonus after the conclusion of the new media rights deal, which runs through 2026. In exchange, the Broncos have agreed to drop their legal complaint filed last month.

In December, the presidents and chancellors voted to confirm the new television deal, a six-year, $270 million pact with CBS and Fox, while also voting against continuing Boise State's perk of having its home football game negotiated separately, which awarded it an extra $1.8 million in revenue per year over the rest of the conference's teams.

"The whole membership agreement was discussed in December with the board of directors, and as we move forward, that is the anticipation, that everybody's membership agreements would get more germane and equal, if you will," commissioner Craig Thompson said during a teleconference announcing the new deal. "But this will be the last Boise State separate negotiation for television rights."

Boise State disagreed and filed a legal complaint against the MW while also arguing it deserved an additional portion of the new media rights deal's increased revenue. The MW's board of directors agreed in December 2012 to package Boise State's home football games separately as part of the Broncos' re-entry agreement after the university had agreed to leave for the Big East. There was no end date on that agreement.

The new deal should pay Boise State around $5.7 million a year while the other full MW members are expected to get around $3.9 million annually. That's an increase from the previous deal that paid Boise State around $2.9 million and the other MW members around $1.1 million.

Here are the full details on the new media rights deal.

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