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Reno High's Ale Kaho becomes 14th local to win NCAA team title

Ale Kaho
Ale Kaho and the Alabama Crimson Tide won the national championship Monday. (Alabama athletics)

Reno High alum Ale Kaho on Monday became the 14th local to win an NCAA team championship.

Kaho, a third-year linebacker for Alabama, was a member of the Crimson Tide's 52-24 rout of Ohio State. Kaho, one of the Tide's special teams aces, played in the game but did not record a stat.

The 6-foot-1, 235-pound Kaho had two tackles in 12 games this season, making one stop against LSU and one again Kentucky. In his three seasons at Alabama, Kaho has 33 tackles, including one for a loss. He also has a fumble recovery and blocked three punts in 2019, recovering one in the end zone for a touchdown.

The last local to win a national championship also was a Reno High alum. Christian Chamberlain did so as a member of the Oregon State baseball team in 2018. Here is the full list of locals to win Division I college team championships, including five doing so in football. Reno High has five players on the list, the most of any local high school.

Locals to win NCAA team titles as players

* Ale Kaho, Reno High, Alabama football (2020)

* Christian Chamberlain, Reno High, Oregon State baseball (2018)

* Gabby Williams, Reed High, UConn women's basketball (2015, 2016)

* Pat Gallagher, Reno High, UCLA baseball (2013)

* Olek Czyz, Reno High, Duke basketball (2010)

* John Wallace, Reno High, Oregon State baseball (2006, 2007)

* Jennifer Hucke, Fallon High, Stanford volleyball (2001, 2004)

* Kourtney Davis, Galena High, Oklahoma softball (2000)

* Paige Sauer, Fallon High, UConn women’s basketball (2000)

* Brian Retterer, Sparks High, Stanford swimming (1992, 1993, 1994)

* Shawn Knight, Reed High, BYU football (1984)

* Trevor Molini, Reed High, BYU football (1984)

* Phil Righetti, Yerington High, Nebraska football (1971)

* Jim de Arrieta, Lowry High, Notre Dame football (1966)

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