Nevada's Amanda Levens on new recruits, transfers and social media's downside

Amanda Levens
Amanda Levens has finished her 2020 recruiting class. (Byrne Photo/Nevada athletics)

Nevada women's basketball coach Amanda Levens held a Zoom press conference Thursday to announce the seven new players the team added to its roster in the late signing period. In addition to those recruits, Levens discussed the pros and cons of the pandemic, the Wolf Pack's plan for the summer and the six transfers out of her program after the season, which led to one of the most interesting quotes from the discussion. I transcribed a portion of that below.

"I always say comparison is the their of joy," Levens said. "If I'm always looking at somebody being happy at this other place and today I had a really hard practice, I do think that impacts a little bit. We see a lot of times in high school and AAU right now players play for multiple schools, multiple teams because they're constantly looking for their best situation and best role to showcase their individual talents, and unfortunately we're in a team sport. I think that's part of it. I think parents, it varies by situation. In our program, you have great parents who are supportive and they stay out of the basketball stuff and they just want to parent their kids, and there are other people who want to make all of the coaching decisions, so I think every parent situation is different.

"I do think social media is a big impact on honestly their way of thinking and their mindset, and it's not just basketball. It's in life. Every time you get on something, you're seeing everybody's highlight reel. Everybody had an amazing day at the lake and they're so happy and they look so stunning in whatever they're wearing and, 'If I put that on, how would I look?' That is something we talk about with our players. You can't compare all the time. You're seeing a huge rise in depression in this age group, and it's not just student-athletes. It's students as a whole, and for me personally, I do think social media is a part of that. You see kids really dealing with things affecting their mental health."

Below is the full press conference with time stamps for certain subjects.

Amanda Levens

* Nevada's seven signees Thursday – 0:00

* Adding two local players – 1:35

* Her last several weeks during the pandemic – 3:25

* Losing six players to the NCAA transfer portal after the season – 6:00

* Recruiting so many players during the pandemic – 7:45

* The increase in players transferring nationally – 9:24

* Nevada's plan for this summer – 11:23

* The proposed one-time transfer rule – 13:08

* Adding Fallon's Leta Otuafi and Manogue's Kenna Holt – 14:16

* Positives coming out of the pandemic – 17:52

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