Murray's AP Top 25: Who's No. 1 after Duke's shocking loss?

Michigan forward Isaiah Livers defends{ }Houston Baptist guard Myles Pierre during their game earlier this season. (Tony Ding/AP)

Nevada Sports Net columnist Chris Murray is one of 65 voters in the college basketball AP Top 25 poll. Here is a look at his final ballot this week.

On the rise

* Michigan: The highest a team has gone from unranked to into the Top 25 is Kansas’ from unranked to No. 4 overall in 1989 (from the preseason poll to the first poll of the regular season). Michigan could challenge that record. The Wolverines weren’t ranked last week but beat Iowa State (by seven), No. 6-ranked North Carolina (by nine) and No. 8 Gonzaga (by 18). That’s three wins over top-40 teams and two over top-15 teams in one week. The Wolverines are 7-0 and have the best strength of schedule of any unbeaten team (by a good margin). Couple that with Duke’s shocking loss to Stephen F. Austin and Michigan is No. 1 on my ballot this week.

On the fall

* Texas Tech: The Red Raiders were No. 10 on my ballot last week but are unranked this week after losing to Iowa and Creighton, two solid teams but clearly not Top 25 teams. Texas Tech’s overall strength of schedule of 316 coupled with those two losses meant a massive drop from the 2019 national runner-ups. The Red Raiders have played two teams even close to average this season and lost to both of them. Utah State, from the Mountain West, also had a major fall, dropping from 14th on my ballot to unraked after losing to Saint Mary’s. The Aggies do have a quality win over LSU, but their strength of schedule (326th) also is lacking. I did add San Diego State (at No. 20), so the MW does have one team on my ballot.

Chris Murray’s AP Top 25

1. Michigan (n/r)

2. Louisville (2)

3. Virginia (5)

4. Kansas (4)

5. Maryland (7)

6. Ohio State (12)

7. Duke (1)

8. North Carolina (8)

9. Gonzaga (6)

10. Kentucky (9)

11. Arizona (13)

12. Auburn (15)

13. Oregon (11)

14. Michigan State (3)

15. Memphis (19)

16. Baylor (23)

17. Florida State (24)

18. Colorado (20)

19. Washington (22)

20. San Diego State (n/r)

21. West Virginia (n/r)

22. Tennessee (16)

23. Seton Hall (18)

24. Xavier (21)

25. Saint Mary's (n/r)

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