Munching with Maggio: Four Wisconsin-style meals in under 15 minutes

Bratwurst is a big hit in Wisconsin. (Brat Fest)

Last week, I highlighted a few bachelor meals that I had rediscovered during the pandemic. This week, I wanted to follow up with a few more ideas that are easy to make, and easy to take with you whether you're going to work or your tee time. Some of these may take a bit more than 15 minutes, however it’s well worth it and hopefully I haven’t let you down yet.

I grew up in Chicago and Wisconsin where cheese is a natural part of the diet. If you can’t do cheese, there are plenty of other substitutes you can use but I go into withdrawal if my body doesn’t have cheese for two days. When you grow up with things like this, you can’t really help yourself. And I strongly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area. You can get things like this and this.

No. 1 Bratwursts

The old Wisconsin favorite. They have a yearly festival in Wisconsin I used to attend every day they were in town. Grab a pack of Johnsonville brats and get those going on the pan. Once they are done, add whatever you want, pack it up and go. They're much more filling than a hot dog, and if you like spicy food this is the road you want to take. They used to sell these for a dollar at the festival. I would see people buy hundreds of brats and take them home to freeze. I never bought 100; 15 was my max.

No. 2 Ham and Cheese Wrap

Like the hot ham and cheese sandwich last week, only use a tortilla for less carbs. Just wrap up some ham and Swiss and cook in a toaster oven for about three minutes, depending on how crispy you want the tortilla shell. Make sure the cheese melts before you take it out!

No. 3 Bucky Badger Chip Dip

OK, so this isn’t really a meal, however it can be if you make it into a nacho dish. Take a pound of ground beef and cook it, add one jar of nacho cheese and salsa, whichever you prefer. Get some chips and enjoy!If you wanted to go the whole nacho route, get some more toppings you like and add.

No. 4 Chicken Salad (or sandwich)

Take some leftover chicken from this meal and add some mayo, grapes, dill, pepper and whatever else you wanted to add. Throw it in a Tupperware container with lettuce or in between some bread. Contrary to this belief, you can win over friends and yourself by being healthy and eating a salad.

Happy cooking, bachelors!

Ben Maggio is a sales manager for Nevada Sports Net and occasionally writes for the website. You contact him at

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