McLane Mannix shares the reason he has to transfer out of Nevada

McLane Mannix
McLane Mannix is transferring out of Nevada after two stellar seasons. (John Byrne/Nevada athletics)

Three scholarship players have decided to transfer out of Nevada over the last month, including two in the last week. One of those players is McLane Mannix, a wide receiver from Texas who had arguably the best freshman and sophomore seasons for a Nevada wideout ever (he caught 107 passes for 1,653 yards and 13 touchdowns and was a freshman All-American in 2017). In his initial tweet announcing his decision, Mannix said he was transferring for "personal family matters." In a statement to Nevada Sports Net, Mannix explains more about why he needs to change schools and why he didn't have a more direct conversation with head coach Jay Norvell and offensive coordinator Matt Mumme, his initial recruiter, about the move (Norvell has argued this week against a transfer rule that allows players to put their name in a transfer portal without consultation with the coaching staff). Here is that statement:

I would like to clear up any confusion about me not going to Coach Norvell and telling him that I was going to transfer from Nevada. I went to Coach Norvell’s office Monday after the banquet to let him know in person and he was not in his office. I immediately texted him and asked to meet with him. That’s when he told me he was out of town recruiting and Coach Mumme called me directly after that and I explained the situation.

First, I want to express my sadness for having to leave this group of talented coaches and teammates as well as the fans who have supported NEVADA football. We have worked hard to build this program into a contender and I assure you it will continue to get better. My decision to leave Nevada football is based on the health of my mother and that is the reason I am transferring. I wanted to make this statement so all these rumors could be put to rest and I could share the true reason I am transferring.

In 2010, my mother was involved in a tragic accident that involved her being trapped in a fire and she suffered second- and third-degree burns to 90 percent of her back requiring extensive skin grafting surgery and excruciatingly painful debridement. A month after the accident she was diagnosed with PTSD. Last summer when she read that fires in Nevada were getting close to Reno it triggered her PTSD symptoms.

This fall she was diagnosed with stomach ulcers from the stress and anxiety related to these fires and continues to be treated for these symptoms. She was able to attend my games this year but later in the season the California fires became another trigger as she knew what she was flying into and and I was playing football in these areas.

When my mom told me she didn’t think she would be able to come to any more games on the West Coast, I knew things were getting serious and I needed to make a change to allow her to heal. I love this group of coaches and miss my teammates already, but I can’t function normally knowing my mother’s health concerns are directly related to the area I chose to go to school and play the sport I love.


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