Mailbag leftovers: Which Mountain West school has the best primary logo?

Mountain West logos
Let's rank the{ }Mountain West logos. (Mountain West)

I published my weekly Monday Mailbag yesterday but wasn't able to squeeze the following question into the Mailbag. It was a good enough question to warrant its own article. The Los Angeles Rams released a new logo over the weekend that is a disaster. Ditto to UNLV a couple of years ago. So it's not easy to re-brand your program when you do make a change. Without further ago, let's rank the Mountain West logos. The first rankings are mine. The second rankings are my 11-year-old daughter's. She is more creative and artistic than I am, so I would use her rankings as the definitive answer. Let's proceed.

My rankings

1. Wyoming: A classic logo, the silhouetted Cowboy riding a bronco while waving his hat. Pays homage to the "The Cowboy State" and is a registered trademark to the state that dates back a century.

2. UNLV: This is a great logo. I have no idea what prompted the Rebels to create a new logo in 2017 that looked like a neighborhood watch man. That one was mercilessly phased out about 18 months after its debut.

3. Colorado State: There are a lot of "Rams" in sports. The L.A. Rams, the Rhode Islands Rams, the Fordham Rams, the VCU Rams, etc. But Colorado State has the cleanest (and best) Rams logo.

4. Utah State: I might be the high man on this one because it's a simple logo, but I like the "State" cutting through the "U." Sometimes simple works.

5. San Jose State: Really solid logo. In fact, it should probably be higher, but I have a tough time ranking SJSU high in things. But I like the look and the colors pair well. SJSU has had a lot of good logos.

6. Nevada: The logo above is not the Wolf Pack's official logo because it is missing the "Nevada" above the sportswolf. It wasn't the most popular logo when it was released in 2008 but it has grown on fans. Some still think it looks too much like a rabid ferret.

7. San Diego State: Simply enough and conveys the message of Aztecs with the arrow going through the "D." I could see this one being updated at some point.

8. Fresno State: This is a classic logo. It's a little too cartoonish for my liking and the artist went for a too many details in the face, but it's fine.

9. New Mexico: This wolf is scarier than Nevada's wolf, but I like the Wolf Pack's logo a touch more (this one reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood). This is the only logo with the mascot name included ("Lobos").

10. Hawaii: A football-only member of the Mountain West, the Rainbow Warriors have a number of classic and colorful logos. This one debuted in 2000 and is the simplest of the bunch. I like the colorful ones better.

11. Boise State: Boise State is great at football, but its logos have always left something to be desired. This one debuted in 2013, making it the newest primary logo in the MW. I prefer the previous model, although that one was average, too.

12. Air Force: I don't mind simple, but this is just too simple. You could do a lot of cool things with jets and falcons but we get an "A" and an "F" put together.

My daughter's rankings

1. San Jose State: The Spartans finally finish at the top of a MW ranking!

2. Boise State: Apparently we disagree on this one.

3. Nevada: Might be because she is familiar with the Wolf Pack's logo.

4. New Mexico: Clearly, she likes wolves.

5. Fresno State: My son has been watching Tom & Jerry, and this guy looks like Spike the bulldog from that show.

6. San Diego State: She likes visiting the city of San Diego more than the logo of the local university.

7. Colorado State: She's a Chargers fan, so can't rank the Rams too high (even if they're different Rams).

8. Hawaii: She also visiting the state of Hawaii more than the logo of the local university.

9. UNLV: I should have shown her the neighborhood watch man UNLV logo.

10. Wyoming: Well, at least I like the cowboy motif.

11. Utah State: The simplicity was not appealing to her.

12. Air Force: The only team we had in the same spot. "Not very creative," my daughter says.

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