Maggio: Why I'm grateful to have sports back, and to work in sports

Ben Maggio
A young Ben Maggio getting his first crack in the sports industry. 

College football is modifying its seasons to play this fall. The NHL playoffs start this weekend. The NFL is moving full steam ahead. And while MLB has had some expected setbacks, the ball has been hitting the bat and glove for the last week. While our country is seeing COVID-19 setbacks, isn’t it wonderful to see sports return and have some normalcy return to our lives?

Not only is it good for the bottom line, along with the thousands of people who work in sports, it’s also good for the soul and psyche. I, for one, have been extremely grateful to have been working with such wonderful people the last few months where even without sports we continue to break news and be the community leader in sports information.

In a normal year, we would already be talking about fall football practices and the athletes going back to campus. We would be talking about Nevada’s first home football game and our Friday Night Rivals countdown to kickoff. While these may be delayed they are not cancelled, and the 2020 season will be played eventually.

This would also be the time when college grads would be starting their first internships in sports. For me, it was a wonderful feeling to travel across the country to San Diego and take a job that paid me $8 an hour to work 50 hours a week with no overtime. That’s how people usually get their start in sports. Like Drake said, you gotta start from the bottom. (Note: I was 25 and single at the time, and San Diego seemed like a good place to be.)

A lot of these sports positions won’t be available to incoming job hunters this year, which is a shame but inevitable with the current situations. Many people I know have been laid off because of the lack of hiring and revenue not coming in due to no fans in the stands. There’s nothing I can say to them other than, "Hang in there and the jobs will return." I already know of a few who have been brought back from furlough to new and better positions.

With so much division in our country lately, it’s nice to be able to sit down for a few hours and unite around a common cause. What else brings people of different backgrounds together like sports? What helps us ease pain and tension with a fun distraction better than sports? I'm grateful to have some sports back, and grateful to be here with our amazing team.

Ben Maggio is the Sports Business Development Manager for Nevada Sports Net and occasionally writes for the website. You contact him at

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