Cooking with Kelly: My five favorite new meals to make during quarantine

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Slow cooker BBQ chicken recipe

I've had more time on my hands the last few months since I haven't had a traditional work schedule, which varies based on what sports event is going on that night. That means I've had more time to cook. Most of the new recipes I've found have been on Delish. It looks like they have some great baking recipes, too, but baking isn't really my thing. Cooking is, though, so if you're looking to change your normal dinner routine, here are some of my favorites I've made while we've been quarantined.

Greek Salmon

If you enjoy a traditional Greek salad and salmon, this is the perfect meal. Since we’ve been quarantined, I’ve been on a Greek salad kick. I wasn’t sure how it was going to taste at first because typically I like to marinate fish, chicken or whatever kind of meat before cooking it. But this recipe surprised me. It’s a quick meal to put together. I couldn’t find fresh dill or Persian cucumbers (never even heard of these) at the grocery store, so dill weed and a traditional cucumber did the trick. The recipe suggests putting it over a bed of arugula or spinach. I didn’t do that. I just had some asparagus and garlic bread on the side. But I can see how it would complete the meal.

Smoked Salmon Pasta

I enjoy bagels and lox, so once I came across this recipe, I couldn’t turn it down. At first, I thought the sauce was going to be the consistency of fettuccine Alfredo since it calls for almost a cup of heavy whipping cream, but I was wrong. It was the perfect balance, not too creamy and there was just enough smoked salmon. The first time I made it, I didn’t add capers. Rookie mistake. Capers made a world of a difference.

Chicken Primavera Spaghetti Squash Boats

Some may argue it’s spaghetti and some may say it’s squash, but either way, it’s good. If you’re looking for something healthy that tastes like summer, this is the meal for you. The recipe says to roast the spaghetti squash for about 30 minutes, but I typically cook it in the oven whole for about 20 minutes so it’s a bit softer, and I don’t have to worry so much about cutting my finger off. I then cut it in half and put it back in the oven for about 30 minutes. I find it easiest to make shredded chicken just by boiling water and putting the cutlets in for 10-15 minutes.

Slow cooker BBQ chicken recipe

I’m not a huge BBQ person, but this was delicious. I used the Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ sauce like the recipe called for, but I’m sure you could use a different brand. The combination between that, a grated onion (my eyes hated me after this), olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar made for a sweet and savory combination. I also made the coconut coleslaw recipe they suggested. The thought of using coconut milk sounded weird at first, but it was good.

Crock-pot meatballs

Growing up in an Italian household, my mom always made homemade sauce and meatballs. I didn’t even know what a canned jar of sauce was until college. I don’t have my mom’s recipe down to a science yet, but this one I stumbled upon turned out pretty good. (Nowhere near as good as my mom's, though.) I’ve never thought about making meatballs in a crock-pot, but they did not disappoint. I turned them into meatball sandwiches with toasted ciabatta bread, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. I’m sure they would be just as good over a bed of pasta. Enjoy!

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