Column: Does Colin Kaepernick even want to play in the NFL?

Colin Kaepernick
Does{ }Colin Kaepernick want to play in the NFL? Yes. End of story. (File)

Yes he does. End of column.*

* - I only write this because a bunch of morons on TV and the Internet have been trying to make the case Kaepernick doesn't want to play in the NFL, which is idiotic. He's a competition-aholic, had three years of his prime stolen by the NFL, is missing out on millions of dollars by not being in the league and clearly wants to prove he was an NFL-caliber starter all along. I'm sorry I cost you a click on this six-word column, but there's no point in writing more words on this topic because people who don't think Kaepernick wants to play in the NFL and/or doesn't have the talent to belong in the NFL can't be saved.

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