24 best tweets I saw this week! A bear at the Barracuda Championship!

A bear took a leisurely stroll across the fairway during Friday's round of the Barracuda Championship. (PGA Tour)

Welcome to the weekend. Every Friday, I'll post "The best tweets I saw this week!" There's so much good stuff on the Internet (and so much bad stuff) I will sift through the rubble and pick out the gems and put them here every Friday to send you off to the weekend. Let's get to the tweets.

(Note: If you're not seeing the tweets, it's probably because you're not using Google Chrome. Use Google Chrome.)

So a bear walked across the fairway during Friday's Barracuda Championship. I'm guessing she was looking for her golf cubs! (I know that was a bad joke.) We're used to seeing alligators or crocodiles during tournaments in Florida, but I don't recall seeing a bear interrupting play during a PGA Tour event. Now we know why they call it the Bear-a-cuda. OK, I done with these beary bad jokes. Or am I? You're just going to have to bear with me for a little longer. Only 23 more tweets to go.

JOE KELLY?!?!?!? As loyal readers know, I've always been a Joey Kelly fan, even more so after Thursday's game, where he perfectly danced the line of acceptable intimidation. He didn't hit anybody, after all. That would have been crossing the line.

If Joe Kelly purposefully recorded himself "accidentally" throwing a ball through the window of his house this offseason so he could use that as an excuse when he brushed back some Astros hitters, he's a genius.

I love JOE KELLY?!?!?!?

My birthday is next Sunday if anybody wants to buy this for me. I wear a large.

Joc with the zinger!

Stephen A. expressing my emotions.

Anytime you can raise student fees during a pandemic when a host of classes are being moved online, you have to do it.

Congrats to Mike Golic on his long run on ESPN Radio, but I was always more of a Bob Golic fan because of his stint on "Saved by the Bell: The College Years."

"I mean, my goal is to live to 130 to 140 years," Bryson DeChambeau said. That puts him in the minority. I certainly don't want to live that long. Fun fact: DeChambeau's dad is from Winnemucca, and his life was saved when he met a former high school friend 27 years after graduating who donated his kidney to save Jon DeChambeau. Cool story.

This is an easy one. It's "Hot Shots! Part Deux."

Bruh just drank a 12-ounce beer in 2 seconds. Now that's impressive. But perhaps not as impressive as his next feat.

Now that's impressive. But the most impressive thing Meyers Leonard has achieved in his life is cashing $50 million in NBA contracts despite averaging just 5.6 points and 3.9 rebounds per game in his eight-year NBA career. Dude's my hero!

Since "Paul" tweeted this, Christian Yelich has gone 1-for-27 with 12 strikeouts and one walk. That's a .037 batting average and .071 on-base percentage. That's what happens when you say anybody is better than Mike Trout. While I like Yelich, that was a ridiculous argument in the first place. Nobody is better than Mike Trout. Nobody is even close.

Reno High alum Garrett Hampson with the robbery! Not bad for a shortstop who's been stuck in left field.

While this seems like a funny anecdote, Anthony Rizzo is a cancer survivor, so he has an underlying condition if he does get COVID-19. He also was not pleased with sitting in a clubhouse for eight hours during a rain delay this week. Do better, MLB.

Thirty-three points, seven assists and seven rebounds on 11-of-20 shooting, including 6-of-10 from three, in her second WNBA game. Sabrina Ionescu, a rookie from Oregon, is the real deal. And a local tie: Her New York Liberty head coach is Reed High graduate Walt Hopkins.

Good job, Kyrie!

How did the just-retired Awful Awful not win this honor? Las Vegas bias.

Hey, Placerville. Time to take the noose off your logo. Hanging people is not something you should be proud of, even if that's your city's "history."

This is a wild story. The Los Angeles Times made a deal with the Pac-12 to write more about the league (and in a positive light) for advertising dollars and better access. That violates every aspect of impartial journalism, and does so for a measly $100,000 (measly in terms of advertising dollars for a paper of that size). Whoever made that deal needs to be fired immediately. I can see The Players’ Tribune, the other outlet involved in the scheme, agreeing to such a deal because that's not real journalism, but the L.A. Times sacrificed its image for this?

Here's another option: Go work out. I know it's difficult to find the motivation sometimes, and I have my periods where I sit around and eat Oreos. But if you want to be in shape, it's pretty simple. It just takes some effort.

"Finally being served," the tweet says. Who the hell was asking for this?

We open with a bear and we close with a bear! Or do we? That's actually a dog that looks like a bear imprinted into a comforter, and it made me smile.

Have a good weekend!

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