16 celebrities we'd like to see at the American Century Championship

Bill Murray
Actor Bill Murray would be a great addition to the American Century Championship. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP file)

In the first 29 years of the American Century Championship, 489 celebrities have played in the tournament, and some of them have been among the biggest stars in the world (like Michael Jordan, Steph Curry and Justin Timberlake). But there are a few celebrities with huge names who haven't played in the ACC. Here's a list of 16 celebrities who haven't played in the tournament who we'd like to see in Tahoe at a future event.

Bill Murray: For several years, the legendary actor has been atop the list of celebrities desired by Gary Quinn, vice president of NBC Sports Ventures, who helps run the tournament. "We've always gone after him, but after a while we stopped," Quinn said a couple of years ago. "He plays Pebble Beach (a lot). He's a guy we'd love to get here. He's so good with the fans." Murray is a star even among celebrities.

Tom Brady: Four active NFL starting quarterbacks are in the field, but Brady would be the biggest star of them all if he was lured to Edgewood (he's even bigger than Aaron Rodgers). The Northern California native reportedly has a nine handicap, so he can play. Once he retires (if that's ever going to happen), this could be a realistic target.

Adam Sandler: The ACC always has a handful of comedians in the field, but one it has never hosted is Sandler, who became famous in part because of his golf movie, Happy Gilmore. Sandler admitted many years ago he accepts movie roles based on vacation destinations. There are few places more scenic than Lake Tahoe in the summer.

Barack Obama: There's been a U.S. president in the field before in Donald Trump, although that was before he became POTUS. The tournament isn't against having politicians in the tournament. Ex-vice president Dan Quayle was a longtime regular. Obama is a rabid golfer. While maintaining his safety with such a large crowd might be tough, getting Obama in the field would goose attendance. There's no bigger name than a former president.

Matthew McConaughey: Alright! Alright! Alright!

Serena Williams: The tennis star (and arguably best athlete ever) is always busy this time of year winning Wimbledon, but when she retires in the near future she'd be a great addition to the field if she was interested.

Colin Kaepernick: The former Wolf Pack quarterback remains a controversial figure, but he's still largely well liked in Northern Nevada where he rose to stardom. Kaepernick hosts an annual golf tournament to benefit Camp Taylor, the foundation to help young people and families of children with heart disease, so he knows the game. A partnership between the ACC and Camp Taylor, like the tournament had with Livestrong for several years, could be a nice pairing and help get Kaepernick in the field.

Condoleezza Rice: The former United States Secretary of State is a regular at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, so why not the ACC? She's one of the most prominent female leaders in the country and the field could use a few more notable females.

Kobe Bryant: Michael Jordan was a regular at the ACC but he hasn't played in the event the last several years, so why not try and take the guy who attempted to step into Jordan's big shoes? He's about the biggest star you could land who hasn't played in the tournament. Sidenote: He shoots basketball right-handed, but is a lefty golfer.

Shaquille O'Neal: Bryant's former Lakers teammate also is a huge star. Shaq once described his game as "Better than Barkley's, but awful." He also said he took $100,000 off Barkley once. Pair the two together along with Kobe and there would be great hijinks.

Bill Gates: The Microsoft founder is reportedly a 21 handicap but he's also worth $103 billion, making him among the richest people in the history of the world. (I'd take the 21 handicap for the bank account). Gates' presence wouldn't boost attendance, but I'm just hopeful I'd be following him on the course and a billion dollars would drop out of his pocket for me to scoop up.

Kenny G: The saxophonist was just in the Carson Valley for a concert earlier this month and he's a scratch golfer. He could actually win the event if he was in the field.

Jack Nicholson: With Nicholson being 82 years old, this is probably never going to happen. But he still has star power at his age.

Alex Morgan: It'd be ideal if the ACC could have piggy-backed off this year's World Cup victory by getting somebody like Morgan or Megan Rapinoe in the tournament, but it's too late for that. Morgan is a household name, so she'd be a great add.

Alice Cooper: Somehow Cooper, a golf junkie who released a memoir titled "Alice Cooper, Golf Monster," has never played in the ACC. The rock star has credited golf for helping save him from alcoholism. He's an excellent player and still a relatively big name.

Larry David: He'd be a pretty prettaaay prettaaay good addition to the field.

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