Women who are blazing a trail in the Reno Rodeo

Debbie Sprauge's officer headshot sits amongst the rest of the Executive Committee Officers in the President's Box.

While we anticipate the Reno Rodeo to roll its way into town every June, there are some pretty important people who are planning it during the eleven other months of year.

It's called the Reno Rodeo Association, which has now grown to over a thousand members. The chain of command starts with the Board of Directors, then the Executive Committee officers, and the Executive Committee as a whole. Not to mention, there are fifty different committees that pull the herd of the rodeo together.

But it was not too long ago that only a handful of women served with this army of volunteers.

"I started back in 1994 and that was when women were just allowed to be association members, not run a committee," says Debbie Sprauge.

Debbie Sprauge is currently holds the office of Secretary on the Executive Committee. She is the first woman to hold an officer position in Reno Rodeo history.

"I have served on committees. In 2006, I started to sit-in on meetings and I wanted to find out a little bit more about the rodeo," says Sprauge. "Then in 2008 I was elected as a director which there are fifty of us. Not to mention, I was one of the first five women that became a director."

Sprauge is no stranger to Reno. She came here when she was just six. Debbie claims that the past few years have been some of her most memorable times with the Reno Rodeo. “I’m busier than ever as secretary, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m proud to be an officer of this great organization; I’m a tiny part of the big picture.”

Today, the with the association growing as a whole, women have begun leading committees and taking the reigns of leadership that makes the Reno Rodeo such a timeless event.

As for the future, Sprague says she hopes the association will take more consideration to women who are fired up about making the rodeo something special for anyone and everyone.

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